Xtreme - Review : DJ MACK

Netflix and the Spanish film world seem to have a high-stakes relationship. Not a relationship in which the stakes are high in particular. Rather, a relationship where they seemingly bring forth films and series with high-stakes and jeopardy. From the ever-famous La Casa de Papel (Money Heist), even the high-school series Elite, and movies like Miguel Herran’s Sky High, it’s very much the vibe. And in many ways, Xtreme follows that mould.
Titled Xtremo in its original language, Xtreme is a movie directed by Daniel Benmayor, and stars Teo Garcia, Oscar Jaenada, Andrea Duro, and Oscar Casar. Sergio Peris-Mencheta, Alberto Jo Lee, Luis Zahera, and Juan Diego also feature in this film.
From the get-go, you get the sense of what Xtreme is about; high-stakes action. From the opening music even before characters and the environment itself are introduced. Then, only seven minutes, we see spills and kills. What looks like a simple trade and discussion blows out into a situation where people are shooting or getting shot, most times both.
But from the off, Xtreme gives you one of its core setbacks. This film possesses a terrible sense of overkill. Not in terms of the extremities, in terms of effects and cinematography. Rather, it’s the length and sense of timing. One of the great qualities of action pics is that the action is constant but continual. You don’t linger on a single piece of action.