Movie For Free : Suprise Me

Director : Nancy Goodman

Cast : Jonathan Bennett (Danny) , Heidi Johanningmeier (Andrea) , Ava Morse Young (Genie) , Nicole Sullivan (Ellen) , Sean Faris Jeff (Bachmann)

What if pain was merely a set up for the ultimate surprise party? Genie Burns, owner of Surprise Enterprise, masterminds off the wall surprise parties in nobody would-suspect-it locations. Here she takes crazy risks but in her love life, she plays it safe. 

Gubelmann provides the audience with an endearing character, indicative of greater things to come from her in the future.

Steven, who hilariously calls her out on every issue she owns, is gay which makes him safe. 

Genie runs an event planning firm that engineers unexpected surprises for her clients. LaShawn Banks as Steven, Genie’s partner, offers sage counsel with elegant wit. His performance is a delight to watch and were it not for the formidable Gubelmann, he might easily have stolen the whole show. Steven wants to expand the business to other cities, but Genie – consistent with her character – remains reluctant to take chances.

A great job, terrific friends, a loving mom and stepfather, her health, and the perfect man.  Actually, scratch the last mention.  Genie’s single, but she’s waiting for the right guy to come along, and she declares to her friend Danny (Jonathan Bennett) while eating breakfast, “I want the whole plate.”