Kung Fu Killer - Review : DJ MACK

Kung Fu Killer has a near perfect exploitation plotline. A serial killer is targeting martial arts champions, killing them off one by one in order to be the best in the world. The current champion is let out of jail to help the police catch this serial killer. The simple and direct plot serves the film in the best way, allowing for a series of stunning action set pieces in which several styles of martial arts get highlighted.
The fight scenes are where the film shines, as would be expected. While the choreography doesn't reach the same frenzied level as something like The Raid, it does show off a very modern take of shooting martial arts. Favoring some impressive settings, a busy highway or on top of a large skeleton, over a frenetic pace Kung Fu Killer nimbly jumps from one face off to another all building to the final showdown. Each fight is memorable, largely due to the unique settings but also due to the unique fighting styles. The serial killer must take down a champion of grappling, weapons, and so forth making each fight unique. Performances range in the supporting cast but the two leads, Donnie Yen and Boaqiang Wang, carry the movie well. You begin to feel the chemistry between these two men, pulled together by one's madness.
While Kung Fu Killer won't bring any new fans to martial arts film, it does serve fans well. The film is quickly-paced and features some killer fights. Better kung-fu films exist and the film feels a bit old-fashioned in the light of The Raid. However, for fans of old school kung-fu Kung Fu Killer provides plenty to enjoy. Kung Fu Killer opens tomorrow at Harkins Valley Art.