Kuch Kuch Hota Hai - Review : DJ MACK

Coming for London she was the complete opposite of Anjali, who was a tomboy. She's beautiful, has a sense of style and VERY feminine. Rahul starts to like Tina right about when Anjali realizes she is in love with Rahul. Rahul tells Anjali that he loves Tina which makes her leave the College suddenly, making no calls or writing any letters.
Rahul ( Shahrukh Khan ) and his best friend Anjali ( Kajol ) go to the St.Xavier's College. They do everything together. Inseparable. One day the principle's daughter Tina enrolls into the school.

Later on. Rahul and Tina get married and have a child. Sadly, Tina dies shortly after childbirth. Leaving her daughter with 8 letters. One for each birth day until she turns 8. On her 8th birth day she is given the last letter. Where her mother tells her that indeed she had seen the love Rahul felt for Anjali, though Rahul was too blind to see. With the help of her grandparents ( Rahul's mother and Tina's father) she goes on a mission to get older Anjali and her father back together. She enrolls in the camp where Anjali works, hoping they would again meet. Indeed they did.They meet each other and Rahul starts to get old feelings. But wait, there's a twist! Anjali is already engaged to Aman (Salman Khan) due to her family's wishes. She does not want to break the engagement as Rahul won't confess his love for her. In the end, Aman breaks the engagement and let's Rahul and Anjali marry.
Comments: Again Shahrukh's acting shines through the screen. He fulfilled his role to the fullest. Nobody could've done it better. Kajol and Shahrukh both have a great talent in acting and combined are a super acting bomb. BOOM BOOM. Both on-screen and off-screen they make a beautiful couple. Adding to the whole romance part. It's a really cute and touching story. Recommended for the whole family :) There's an up coming remake of this film by the name of "Koochie koochie hota hai" It's a tad different. This time it's not humans playing the roles, it's ANIMALS! Being released Summer 2010 :) Congrats Karan Johar :D
Cast Shahrukh Khan as Rahul Khanna: A student at St. Xavier's college, Rahul is Anjali's first paramour and her best friend, but ultimately falls for and marries Tina. He is self-confident and extremely masculine. He was blind and did not recognize Anjali's feelings towards him in college. When older, he marries Tina, and loves his daughter deeply, whom they name 'Anjali' after Rahul's friend in college. Kajol as Anjali Sharma: The college's tomboy and Rahul's best friend, who is secretly in love with him. She is a boyish and forthright girl who grows into a poised and lovely woman. Rani Mukerji as Tina Malhotra Khanna: The principal's daughter, feminine, sophisticated, an alumna from Oxford University. She is the woman with whom Rahul eventually has a daughter. She had always felt guilty for coming in between Anjali and Rahul. So when she dies during childbirth, she sends her daughter to matchmake her widowed husband with Anjali through letters written before her death. Salman Khan as Aman Mehra: Aman is Anjali Sharma's loving fiancé, who finally understands her feelings for Rahul and lets her go. Sana Saeed as Anjali Khanna: Anjali Khanna, named after Anjali Sharma, is Rahul's and Tina's daughter. She desperately wants to have a mother again and wants her father to have a loving wife. Farida Jalal as Mrs. Khanna: As Rahul's mother she wishes for her son's happiness and as little Anjali's grandmother she wishes for her to have a new mother. Anupam Kher as Principal Malhotra: As Tina's father and little Anjali's grandfather, he wishes for a new mother for little Anjali. He, along with Mrs. Khanna, seek to bring happiness back into Rahul's life. He is slightly infatuated with Ms. Briganza. Archana Puran Singh as Ms. Briganza: A showy English teacher at St. Xavier's College. She flirts with Principal Malhotra throughout the film. Reema Lagoo as Mrs. Sharma: She is Anjali Sharma's mother and doubts her daughter's motives for marrying her fiancée Aman. Himani Shivpuri as Rifat Bi: St. Xavier's housekeeper and a motherly friend for Anjali Sharma. She helps little Anjali to prevent the marriage between the older Anjali and Amaan. Johnny Lever as Col. Almeida: He is the Camp Manager of Camp Sunshine, where Anjali Sharma works. He has a strong sense of admiration for the British Empire and finally finds his match in Mrs. Khanna's patriotism for India. Paarzun Dastur as Silent Sardarji: A little Sikh boy at Camp Sunshine. He never talks and always counts the stars. When Anjali leaves Camp Sunshine to marry Aman, he pleads with her to stay.Neelam as Herself in a special appearance: she is the host of her own show, The Neelam Show, and little Anjali's role model. She involuntarily he