Hindi Movie - Veera

Directror : Rayaraj

Cast : Kunal Kapoor , Divina Thakur , Ketaki Nayaran

Rating : 6.2/10

Happened to watch Jayaraj's Veeram only because a ticket for Ezra was unavailable despite a 45 minute queue up. was it worth the moolah? Well, not really. please do not watch this movie if you have ever read Shakespeare's Macbeth or watched MTV's Oru vadakkan veeragatha. you will be disappointed. but if you want once again to awe at the genius of that old man MT, this is a must watch for you! or may be if you are doing a thesis on adaptations of Macbeth. but even then, there are a few truly watchworthy ones made worldwide. even the Bollywood has one: Maqbool. Veeram is too much about valour and there is little emphasis on the other emotions. Love, even when being  flamboyant, to the extent of being demonstratively ostentatious, fails to impress. Life, even for a warrior is not just valour;  remember the passion and emotion of the Shakespearean original who could not but be a poet. Kunal's physique suits Chanthu's role but a concrete-brick-like face sans emotions proves to be his undoing. Kuttimalu (Divina Thakur) playing the Lady macbeth part was the one with the best scope for performance. But she miserably fails to impress and the director too does his bit with a number of long shots. One naturally expects a few sword fight sequences in this kind of movie but they never bring your heart into your mouth. Graphics and editing prowess notwithstanding, something seems amiss here. supporting actors are all strange for the average film buff and their performance takes the intensity out of this 90 odd minutes spectacle. 40 minutes on, it is time for the snackbar! There's a lot of skin on offer, but it does not seem to work, at least for the average malayali filmgoer. For mallus, the strange Kunal and Co. in Vadakkan setting is quite a deal breaker and for the non mallu audience the vadakkan pattu setting would play spoilsport. So, is jayaraj that dumb not to know the future of this endeavour? Perhaps the witches have cast a spell upon him