Thriller Movie : Other Side of Darkness


Director : Adam Deierling

Cast : Sarah Dum , Drake Tobias , Brett Voina , Tiffani Hilton , Maggie Callahan

Rating : 3.4/10

A 16 year-old girl receives a mysterious birthday gift that leads her and her friends on an adventurous collision course towards a plot to dismantle America’s power grid.

The darkness is spreading!  The country is facing the worst blackout since 2003!  On her 16th birthday, Taylor Jo receives a mysterious gift, a key to a storage locker containing a Jeep Wrangler that once belonged to her deceased biological mother.  This leads TJ and her friends on an adventure to uncover a plot to take down the power grid. Along the way, she discovers relics from her past and learns that she is strong, brave, and can change the world.