Suzani's mother

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The next day, Mama Mazoea arrived at the hospital to see Nyogoso, where she was fortunate enough to meet Suzani's mother, who had also come to know her daughter's condition. When Mama Mazoea saw her mother
The first person to arrive at the hospital was Mama Mazoea where upon arrival she called Dr. Luanda, but the call went unanswered. He tried to call again and again but things grew the same, the call was not received. Anger welled up in Mother Mazoea, but she finally reassured herself, believing that the Doctor might be busy caring for patients. But as Mother Mazoea continued to encourage herself, she soon passed by Nesi. When Mama Mazoea saw him, she had to call him, and he obeyed. "How are you sister", mother Mazoea greeted the Nurse as she took off the glasses she was wearing.
"Just safe, I don't know you", the nurse replied.
"To me pure,
"Aah usually sister don't worry"
"Mmmh sorry, did Dr. Luanda attend today ?."
"Aah Luanda? No he was fired yesterday. And this time he is said to be in court, accused of accepting bribes"
"My God", mother Mazoea was shocked to hear the news. He knew that the money he had given him eight hundred thousand shillings had saved him, and he did not even know that when he gave him that amount of money to treat Nyogoso quickly, behind him appeared mother Suzani who also gave him three million and eight hundred thousand shillings to kill Nyogoso.
"Poor I have greeted the father of the people, now how will he live here in the city ?.", beginning with a sigh, he blamed himself mother Mazoea at the same time waiting for the time to enter to see the patients come to see Nyogoso and possibly return home with him. While Mama Mazoea was patient, Mama Suzani soon arrived with her own expensive car than the car that Mama Mazoea owns. When he arrived he got out of the car, picked up his phone and called Dr. Luanda as did mother Mazoea a short time ago. But Dr. Luanda's phone call went unanswered.
"Does that mean the doctor doesn't want to receive my call? OR hasn't he achieved my goal? Now wait, alas he'll start giving me blah blah blah. He closed his door and then took a few steps to leave the car behind, five steps ahead he stopped at the same time and called Dr. Luanda again but things were still the same. He was very angry and added to himself "I am not leaving here, I am waiting for the time to come in to see the patients come in. If I find him still breathing, I do not know what will happen. Wait for the time to come", he has already left the hospital there.
As the financially abusive mothers grew up waiting for the time to come in they saw patients arrive, while each had his own basic reasons. On the other side, in Sinza cemetery he saw a mad Nyogoso coming from there. It was about 8pm when the sun in Dar es Salaam was shining brightly. Nyogoso took the steps from the cemetery with the intention of entering the street to find what was thrown away while that was his life to sleep in the graveyard without fear. He walked alone talking all the way, some people who knew him from the time he grew up picking up trash were shocked to see Nyogoso in that condition, and some of them could not believe that he was really Nyogoso the garbage collector.
"Today I believe that the job of picking up trash can damage the brain, look at the garbage collector who is currently talking alone all the way.", One young man was heard saying to a colleague who grew up with him. He spoke those words after seeing Nyogoso madly.
"It's no secret that I believe I have doubts about that but I can't take it into account, as you know those people are secretive so it is possible that the source of the situation is not due to the work he is doing but maybe he stole something from the people, the chairman decided to kill him. The world is a hero, my brother, my brother ", the second man spoke at the time escorting Kichaa Nyogoso who seemed to be walking slowly towards Sinza. And when she was growing up and walking without any of this, suddenly she heard voices calling her. "Garbage collector..continue garbage collector. .
"But why does he look like crazy? ..", someone else said and said.
"How do you know? .."
How do I know? You don't see him talking alone? .."
"Khaa, but all is possible. For the job of picking up trash really takes heart."
"Certainly you are not wrong, and if the family is really crazy. Then God will heal him because this man does not know how to steal something from someone." It's a temporary commotion, a commotion of two if not three people grew up talking about crazy Nyogoso if he's gone. He went farther to the streets of Manzese, where he already felt thirsty for water. He wondered where he could find water to quench his thirst, but in the end he found the answer. In front of him he saw a stepmother selling water from nylon bags (Kandolo). Crazy Nyogoso let out a wide smile after seeing the mother, the cheerfulness of the customers and the wise face he grew up with the mother made Nyogoso believe that he would be able to help her quench her thirst. Very quickly he approached her but before he could explain his plight, the mother of the water seller had to raise her voice and say to him "You are crazy, let's leave. Get out of my business, you are the ones who bring us misery people we fail to sell our products. I say get out of here you big idiot ", the mother spoke emphatically dismissing the crazy Nyogoso.
Nyogoso after being fired, was very sad. He left, saying "As for the image, it is not a ghost", and finally Nyogoso returned to the jurisdiction to find the castle, although he was still thirsty, only hunger made him roam the jungle in search of food. He searched here and there, but there he found nothing. Exhausted, he decided to rest by the side of the trunk, and soon sleep overtook him. He slept soundly, shocked to hear someone coming to where he was sleeping. When he opened his eyes he saw a load of crumbs and crust thrown by mother ntilie. Certainly he was very happy, very quickly he approached the crust and immediately began to eat greedily as if he had been hungry for a whole week. When he was satisfied, satiety lingered in his stomach and he said to himself, "You are a glutton and a drunkard. But with this satiety I can't understand without even getting a drop of water ", when he said this to himself he laughed and then took a slow step from the dump and entered the street once more. Now it was about eleven o'clock in the evening. In the alley, he met a group of at least three hooligans, the hooligans who were snatching money from the water vendor. Why don't you worry about money in your own strength? .. ", the hooligans grew up when they heard that male voice roaring from the throat of the mad Nyogoso, they raised their eyes to see where it had happened.
The woman looked at Nyogoso twice, she remembered that a few hours ago the madman asked her for water and she denied it and she went completely away and remembered the words she denied "You lunatic, let's get out. Get out of my business, you are the ones who are making us miserable. great ghost you "the spirit hurt the mother, a tear came out at that moment the madman grew closer to him where he also looked at him and then said" Sorry mom for the test. Hypocrite I'm going my " he does not believe that the one who deprived him of fifty shillings of water, saved him when he grew up being robbed more than that water money.
"Aah! Contempt is a very bad thing. God forgive me", beginning with a deep breath the mother said to herself.

On the other hand, in the hospital. Mama Mazoea was stunned after not seeing Nyogoso. "My God, what can I say to Mazoea? ..", Mazoea's mother wondered and couldn't believe what she was seeing. She felt helpless as she believed that her daughter would never understand her even if she told her what. But while Mama Mazoea is in a state of unconsciousness, suddenly Mama Suzani also entered the ward to see Nyogoso. She was shocked to see mother Mazoea, she was very surprised. In a contemptuous voice he said "Mother, where is the patient who grew up lying here? ..", when mother Mazoea heard the voice, she raised her face to look at the person who asked her the question. He met face to face with mother Suzani. The woman's face did not become very strange in her eyes, then in anger at missing Nyogoso mother Mazoea said.
"What? Hahaha hahahahah hahahahah", contemptuously Suzani's mother burst out laughing and then said. "I saw you you wise and yet only a fool. Now I give pole, I think already dead exist monchwari." Mother Practices was startled to hear those words, the emotion he questioned "You mean what you poor",
Mama Suzani answered "Seal your bowl Bwege you, the poor are you not I. For your information. Your patient was supposed to die, and finally it came true I just came to get a diagnosis ", the words mother Suzani spoke with complete confidence at the same time mother Mazoea drew a pistol from her purse and pointed it at mother Suzani then said" Listen to me, always The reward is here on Earth. To God it is just a judgment. Now then you must die too "

Mama Suzani was shocked to see the pistol, when she took out the jug of water and then said "Mama please don't do that, I beg you very much", she spoke to Mama Suzani while sweat was pouring out of her body while Mama Mazoea was wondering what to do with Mama Suzani or leave him. But while she was talking to herself, she suddenly became a nurse. Mama Mazoea quickly lowered her hand holding a pistol, then walked out of the ward like a man caught in a trap. The nurse jumped up and escorted Mazoea's mother who was growing up living with her eyes. Still unconscious she turned her eyes to look at Suzani's mother, who at the same time seemed to be drowning in the image of a man who had bathed in dew in the winter.
In the meantime, Dr. Luanda's wife and close friends began selling various properties that he grew up owning. The process took place very quickly but because Dr. Luanda did not have many raw materials, the amount of money available could not be sufficient for bail. He landed in Luanda, blaming himself for receiving the money from Suzani's mother. Money that was aimed at losing the life of an innocent teenager. She certainly found herself crying as regrets remained high in her soul at the same time mother Mazoea also arrived at her home. He found Mazoea asleep, an act that greatly surprised him but since he knew what was going on, he saw no need to wake her but she, too, tired and full of thoughts, went into her room to sleep. It was already night.
The next morning at dawn, a very nice morning. The atmosphere of Dar es Salaam and its districts is seen as white especially in Kinondon District. Before going to work, Mama Mazoea went to her son's room to greet him after he failed to greet each other yesterday. She felt she would not dare to leave without seeing her beloved daughter, so she approached the door of the Practice Room and knocked on the door. As soon as Mazoea opened the door, he let out a smile, his brain thinking that if he grew up he would bring him good answers about the boy Nyogoso, the darling of his heart.
"Good morning Practice"
"Only safe mother shkamooo"
"Malakhabaa, I see yesterday we could not see each other. I found you asleep, I do not even know what time your door is closed"
"Dear mother! Yesterday I was really waiting for you mate but when I saw you were late I decided to go to bed"
"Hey sir! I don't have much to talk to you about. Because I see time has given me a hand so I just came to say goodbye to my daughter"
"Oooh well my mother. the older brother of garbage? .. "
" garbage? .. ", he questioned the mother as she practices begin to download a long breath while he seems to think the answer to give him practice at the same time he remembered the words of the mother Suzani
"Shut up your bowl, you idiot, it's the poor you, not me. For your information. Your patient had to die, and finally it came true. He was very hurt but soon he stopped smiling and then replied "My son I do not see I like this? So you know when I come home from work I go straight to the hospital to inform him of the situation. A smile appeared on his face, he quickly hugged his mother and said to her "I love you so much my mother, I pray to God to give you a long and blessed life", He spoke these words Mazoea with great emotion from the heart.
"Amen, my son, surely even I also love you very much. That is why you see I'm trying to find you your happiness. I believe I will succeed only except if the plans will grow not use then do not blame me though tense silence for you"
"Well mom I pray cycles good", said Practices and he doesn't even know why his mother has decided to say those words to him.
"Come and you will stay safe, but also do not forget to tell Cartons amwagilie flowers"
"Laah! This is a real test, now I live without peace of mind or enjoy life just in case this person doesn't grow up front or back", in her car as the car sped away, mother Mazoea found herself saying these words about a young man. trash with his daughter. He knew that Nyogoso had died, not knowing that the boy had escaped from the hospital. On the other hand, he saw his wife Dr. Luanda walking around with one of her husband's close friends. The woman needed help to borrow a certain amount of money to provide her husband with bail.
"Mmmh how are you sir"
"Just good I don't know you"
"To me it's also good but not so much, as you know the things that happened to my husband"
"Eh I know that"
"So Mr. Maloni, I have come to help you two million shillings to add and the money I have I give bail to my husband"
"Help you? .."
"Yes, but I mean that when you give me the money, I will give it back to you later. under your feet "
"Hahaha Hahahah", the man named Maloni burst out laughing with both hands in the pockets of his pants while looking at his wife Luanda who was kneeling on the ground. Concluding his laughter, he said, "Stand up first, you don't have to kneel down, sir. Enhee, now listen to me brother-in-law. "Dr. Luanda's wife was shocked to hear the words, put her hands on her head and asked Maloni in a low voice." So how can you help my brother-in-law, because you are the closest person to Luanda ... "
"I am ready to give you the money but if you give me your love, if you do not want to let him be imprisoned. Doesn't he know if corruption is the enemy of development? the love of Dr. Luanda's wife who is his best friend. It is indeed a great test for Dr. Luanda's wife especially after hearing what she needs from Maloni, a young man living with HIV. And that issue Dr. Luanda's wife was aware of.
Elsewhere, mad Nyogoso has already grown up on the streets. On his way he found himself crossing the street where Suzani and his parents lived, Mikocheni B. As he was stepping on the steps, in front of him he came across a RAV4, which he swerved to allow the car to pass. The car sped by, but a few steps stopped and Suzani's mother got out of the car.
Mama Suzani could not believe her eyes after seeing Nyogoso once again in good health, she believed that Dr. Luanda had already killed her but today she is meeting him alive.
"Does Dr. Luanda really know me? Of course you don't know my fire. Now let me know who I am? .." he straightened it towards the mad Nyogoso who was walking around without knowing what was going on behind him.
Mama Suzani fired a shot, but the shot did not make Nyogoso mad. It went to beat up a young garbage collector who had grown up cutting through the area. Mama Suzani, after seeing that she had been killed, quickly returned her pistol to the dashboard of her car and then turned it on and left with the crazy Nyogoso turning around to look at the sound of gunfire. He was shocked to see a man on the ground with blood dripping from his head at the place where he was shot, Nyogoso was certainly amazed. As the body was agitated, the man approached the victim's body, which had been hit by a bullet. But before he could approach her, suddenly a group of people approached the place where Nyogoso was standing, and when he saw the men he hesitated to approach the man who had been shot. He stood upright,
"Damn this man has been shot," a voice was heard saying. Taharuki erupted in the scene as everyone turned to look at Nyogoso with a third eye.
"Let's check that madman, he doesn't really have a pistol?", Added the man. At least five young men dressed Nyogoso to be strong, and examined him for an act that could not please Nyogoso's madness because he knew that he was not a murderer now so how could he be re-examined by force? He protested, which caused a stir. But as Nyogoso grew up to drag the young men out of his body, a voice was heard from the crowd gathered at the scene. The voice said, "If he makes a fuss, beat him, if possible and he will just die." Mad Nyogoso complained of pain, but his voice could not be heard in the ears of the young men.
The police force, after seeing the people scattered, followed the body of the young garbage collector who was shot. They picked it up and put it in the car and then put on Nyogoso's crazy handcuffs whose face and various parts of his body were already covered in blood because of the beating. He was put in a police car, and they headed straight for Amana hospital. He was left there for temporary treatment while they returned to investigate the death of a young garbage collector who was shot dead by Suzani's mother when she grew up trying to beat Nyogoso. The boy's body was kept monchwari while on the other side, the mother grew up in his office. He always seemed to catch his breath while his head was full of thoughts, happy for him if it was a forgotten dream. Her daughter's love for Nyogoso broke her head, so Mazoea's mother wondered what she would say to her son so that she could understand him when she dared to tell him that Nyogoso was dead. The mother found out that Nyogoso had died, the report was told by Suzani's mother when they met at the hospital. And he believed so after seeing him in the ward, when he was lying down. She took a deep breath after thinking hard as she tried to create a picture in her head that was going to happen when she passed the information to her daughter.
"Laah! Oh God help me", said mother Mazoea to herself at the time sweating. As the matter grew, it bothered Mazoea's brain, whereupon Suzani's mother, in her car, honked repeatedly and asked the guard to open the gate as soon as possible as he felt he was being followed by people after committing the heinous act.
"Where did Wemba grow up? And how did you not hear the horn? ..", shouted mother Suzani as she turned the corner towards the place where she parked her car every day.
"Sorry boss I was in need, forgive me so much", replied Wemba the gatekeeper while closing the gate.
"Wemba, I beg anyone you do not know not to open the gate right away", added mother Suzani as she closed the door of her car immediately after descending.
"Okay boss no problem", Wemba replied, mother Suzani came in walking very fast. When he got to the living room he sat on the sofa, he took a deep breath while looking at the roof of the house, a whole painful thought swirling around his head. He wondered what time he would grow up if he was seen for what he had done, but soon that fear disappeared after remembering that when he opened fire there was only Nyogoso. So Suzani's mother believed that the issue would remain with Nyogoso and not her anymore.
"Of course he will be imprisoned, if things go that way then my goal will be fulfilled", after thinking and imagining, he finally said those words to himself while a wide smile appeared on his face and then he got up from the sofa, stepped towards the room to relax his mind.
At around 6pm, insane Nyogoso was released after being found not guilty of the death of the young man who was shot. At that crazy evening Nyogoso took a step towards Magomeni Road towards Kinondoni to head straight to Sinza cemetery where his residence is located. Nyogoso walking along the road looking at the cars that at the time were speeding, green lights if allowed. But when the situation appeared on the road, the cars suddenly slowed down and soon stopped, although for a short time they walked and stopped again. That signifies that the Red Light is already on. Annual nuisance in this city of Dar es salaam.
So in those cars that stopped and ran to wait for the green light to come on. There was Mama Mazoea's car with her inside, where the mother strongly condemned the nuisance while looking out for air even though there was air conditioning in her car, then she saw the young Nyogoso walking on the side of the road. Mama Mazoea was shocked as she stared at Nyogoso. Her heart was racing and she couldn't believe her eyes, she quickly had a voice calling her, but as there were many other pedestrians on the side of the road, Kichaa Nyogoso could not recognize the voice, she kept walking while Mazoea's mother continued to call out to her. and the work he grows up doing lamps.

"We bastard, let's get rid of your canned car people let's go"
"Do you think your road or ?, people are tired we need to rest sir. Get your car off the road ebo", grew the voices of various drivers who were heard at different times shouting mother Mazoea to drive his car to avoid the queue as the green light had already grown to allow cars to leave.
The noise took Mama Mazoea out of a puddle of confusion, a puddle that she found herself drowning after seeing the crazy Nyogoso on the side of the road with her mind advising herself to get out of the car to run or leave. And what if he lets her go, where will he see her again? Or what will happen when he leaves the car on the road, where will the cars behind him go? Mazoea's mother was not there, she started her car and left with her heart in her heart believing that Nyogoso was alive and not dead as she had grown up believing before, after mother Suzani told her that Nyogoso was dead.
"Laah! Oh really great God", said Mama Mazoea to herself as a cheerful smile welled up in her face, Nyogoso's life made her very happy she drove at an incredible speed while raising the volume of her radio high in the car. A smile Mr Blue's song penetrated his ears as he shook his head. On the other side mad Nyogoso continued to walk towards his residence, Sinza cemetery where he was his residence. She arrived safely at the salamander, although in the meantime mother Mazoea arrived at her home with a smile still appearing to adorn her face. He parked his car in the right place and then got out of the car and shouted at the guard "Madenge .. Madenge .. Madenge"
"Yes! Boss", Madenge responded and then answered the call.
"Ammh just safe, anxious news", asked Madenge with a smile as well.
"It's good. Aamh Madenge, I ask you to wash the car early tomorrow morning right? .."
"Okay boss and no problem
"Ahahahah hahahahah, okay sir boss", cheered Madenge. That day Madenge was very surprised to see his boss is different from the previous days, that day he was a very happy man. Madenge asked himself twice a few questions about his boss's condition, he missed more answers he said to himself "Days are not the same", when he said that he stepped towards his watch while mother Mazoea also entered, before entering the room he sat on the sofa in the living room and then shouted at him. Practices. When Mazoea heard his mother's voice, he quickly closed the Novel Book he had been reading while lying in bed and then obeyed the call.
"Waooh! My mother huyooo", said Mazoea with a cheerful smile as he extended his arms for the purpose of hugging his mother. He immediately greeted her on the chest while giving her hot kisses.
"Tell me how did you win my son? ..", said mother Mazoea as soon as she landed on her daughter's chest. Mazoea before answering her mother took a deep breath first, sat on the sofa and then replied "I have won safely my mother, maybe I do not know your side"
"Even I am also as strong as Kenya and Uganda", replied mother Mazoea.
"Ahahaha! Dear mother, why not Tanzania? .."
"Aah what the soul loves my son"
"So you want to tell me you don't like Tanzania? ..
"But what, mother? ..", exclaimed Mazoea, all together laughing as they clapped their hands. After interrupting their laughter, mother Mazoea sank into her purse and pulled out a book. BLIND BEAUTIFUL. is the name of the book written on the cover. Mazoea stared at the book at the same time as her mother handed it to her, and she accepted it and then said, "Without my thoughts, do you fit in with my thoughts? .."
"Why ?.", asked Mother Mazoea with a smile.
"This will no doubt be Alexis's hand, I really like his stories. And this time you decided for me", replied Mazoea as he began to open the pages of the book. In fact, Mazoea was very fond of reading various books, be it school textbooks or even stories. So when she was going through a difficult period of drowning in a garbage collector's love, her mother decided to do what she wanted to do to keep her psychologically stable.
"Hey Thank you my mother, I'll read it later. Enhee how about your son-in-law? ..", he added Mazoea as he already covered the book. The question made her mother take a deep breath first and then she replied by saying "My son, your lover is completely in condition except for one thing."
"What's the matter?", Asked Mazoea eagerly wanting to know more.
"She has escaped from the hospital"
"She has escaped ?. My mother, why are you doing this to me? she immediately burst into tears. Mama Mazoea found herself amazed at her daughter. She shook her head sadly, saying "Shut up don't cry Mazoea, your man is still here in Dar and he hasn't gone far. And I as your mother will make sure I look for her anywhere until I find her. Okay mom ?. I'm ready to spend even millions of money because of you"
"Where will you find her, mother? This is a big city, sir ...", said Mazoea as tears streamed down her cheeks. Her mother wiped away the tears and said "You don't have to worry about it, I told you so because I am sure. Tonight with my two eyes I saw her, but I could not get down to follow her because the light had allowed"
"Really mom? You promise me that it is possible Are you going to find a garbage can? "
"Yes my son, of course remove it completely", insisted mother Mazoea about her daughter. It was then that Mazoea silenced her in a low voice and said to her mother "I love you so much my mother"
"I am also my blood", replied mother Mazoea and all together they let out a smile and hugged each other then other things went on. By that time it was already about one o'clock at night, the totoro darkness was starting to spread even though it was lost by the various lights that adorned the city of Dar es Salaam. He looks mad at Nyogoso as he dwells in his tomb. The madman suddenly finds himself starving to death in his stomach so much that the hunger was able to stifle his sleep. "Crush the property to death", said Nyogoso madly as he pushed himself to clear the pain of the beating. But he managed to stand firm and then decided to take to the streets in search of anything to at least alleviate his severe hunger. He walked around three streets but did not find even a drop that accidentally fell, as soon as he got the idea.
"In the street there is an old man who likes to throw bread at the back of the house, let me see. Ahahaha Hahahah. Old men like those are demon possessed sir", after getting the idea he said these words to himself crazy Nyogoso while throwing laughter in it. He came up with the idea and immediately took action to follow it. But as crazy Nyogoso struggled to get there, in front of him in the dark totoro appeared both men and women. The men took the steps towards where Nyogoso came from. And there was none other but Shushan and his mother, both of them went out to look for their sick brother, and now they were returning home and that day they did not drive home because Suzani's mother was afraid to walk in her car after realizing that she had made a mistake by shooting a garbage boy even though her goal was to kill Nyogoso madly to achieve her goal. The mother's main goal in killing Nyogoso is to try to extinguish the dream of her daughter who seemed to love Nyogoso crazy. So the commotion between her and her daughter continued as they walked towards the taxi station, at which point the commotion intensified as they approached the crazy young man whose mother Suzani knew had sold him the murder case and believed he would already be in custody awaiting trial. The mother's main goal in killing Nyogoso is to try to extinguish the dream of her daughter who seemed to love Nyogoso crazy. So the commotion between her and her daughter continued as they walked towards the taxi station, at which point the commotion intensified as they approached the crazy young man whose mother Suzani knew had sold him the murder case and believed he would already be in custody awaiting trial. The mother's main goal in killing Nyogoso is to try to extinguish the dream of her daughter who seemed to love Nyogoso crazy. So the commotion between her and her daughter continued as they walked towards the taxi station, at which point the commotion intensified as they approached the crazy young man whose mother Suzani knew had sold him the murder case and believed he would already be in custody awaiting trial.

Eventually they approached each other, they approached each other and passed each other without knowing each other. Neither mother Suzani nor her daughter, they all did not know if the person they were arguing with was Nyogoso. But while the two were still walking, Suzani's mother did not know if she had dropped the phone when she pulled out a sweatshirt from her purse. When Nyogoso went crazy when the phone rang, it suddenly rang where it emitted light. Crazy Nyogoso was shocked to see the light of the phone on the ground, very quickly he approached the place for the purpose of wanting to know what is giving the light.
He found a big phone, an expensive phone ringing. Hima leaned over and picked it up, grabbed it tightly in his palm and thought and stared at it for a few seconds wondering who owned the property. But in the end he remembered that only a few minutes had passed since he had been arguing with two people, he believed that the property would be one of those two people he had been arguing with. Very quickly Nyogoso went crazy running slowly towards Suzani and her mother while at the same time Suzani's mother needed to contact her husband where when she put her hand in her purse she was shocked not to touch the phone, she stopped while her heartbeat was racing. "Suzani, have I given you my phone?", Worried Suzani's mother asked her daughter. Suzani refused and said "No mom didn't give it to me, let's take a good look sir"
"Or did you leave it to anti Sophia?", Added Suzani.
"No, I had a phone not long ago", replied Suzani's mother as she continued to hahaha looking for her phone.
"Anhaa, then you would have offered a handkerchief"
"Of course. Well return address back slowly we may find it"
"Mmmh! I do not think. Remember we overlap with someone, he will not see the truth? .."
"Suzani, can not see and this dark lord"
"Well "Let's go", Suzani and her mother agreed to go back to look for the phone, but before they could get far they suddenly met Nyogoso. They crossed, darkness had already set in now, for it was about two hours short. A few steps behind them, Suzani's mother stood up and said to her daughter "
"Mmmh, but mother the look of the man even though it is dark but he looks not mentally fit. It is crazy", Suzani replied to her mother. The answer his mother did not want to agree with, very quickly he had to call out crazy Nyogoso. "We mfanaaa .. We mfanaaa", the voice penetrated Nyogoso's crazy ears, and he stood up and stepped back.
"How are you", mad Nyogoso greeted after approaching him, soon in front of him Nyogoso appeared in the car, the light of the car's headlights hit the forehead of the mad Nyogoso, which made Suzani's mother know that the boy was the one who was hunting her every now and then. . Mama Suzani was shocked, she turned to look at her daughter who was standing on the side of the stage, while the mother was in the abyss, mad Nyogoso said "All my races I was running to you. Ahahahah Hahahah" said mad Nyogoso then burst out laughing. When he finished his laughter he added to speak. “A young garbage collector was in the middle of a street corner when he came across a luxury car in front of him. The young man charged the car to pass at the same time on the side where the garbage collector stood there was a small puddle of dirty water, surprisingly the driver of the car trampled the dirty water, and it jumped on the garbage boy. It was a big mistake but now the driver did not get out of his car and at least apologized to him to convince the garbage boy that he did not intend to commit the act. He left her ", after saying these crazy words to Nyogoso, he swallowed a bundle of saliva while Suzani's mother listened intently while Suzani heard the story Nyogoso was talking about, while in her head trying to remember the incident she had done to the garbage collector several years ago. Mad Nyogoso continued to speak, although Suzani's mother did not need words for the madman, she desperately wanted to ask him if he had picked up the phone but failed because the crazy Nyogoso was still talking. He said, "Then the car that threw the dirty water at the young man when it reached the luxury house stopped, in the car came down a beautiful girl with a mock motion. The girl entered the house built with a modern map and surrounded by a large fence. Then the car that dropped him off left. to indicate that there were two or three people in the car, although they were all human and not human. But now when the beautiful woman entered the gate, she dropped her wallet without her knowing. As the garbage boy approached the house he saw the wallet he had removed. , he quickly picked it up and opened it and found that the wallet contained expensive items and some money. Desire sat next to the garbage collector, unintentionally knocking on the door to hand over the property to the owner, the beautiful woman obeyed my call, but the appearance of the garbage boy led the beautiful woman to utter insulting words to him, perhaps the young man did not have the dignity to stand with her, as the gatekeeper value from the moment before he met her. Civilization took the place of the young garbage collector, he encouraged the field despite being insulted in various ways but did not respond, especially after seeing the beautiful woman has finished her need, handed him his wallet and then he left to search for the swallow never cared about the insults he was insulted This is the story my late mother told me, I remember he used to tell me when he begged me to stop crying when my father beat me for stealing mangoes from the old man's farm Maneno. At the end of this story, my mother told me that I should not covet anyone. And I am working on his words. It left her mouth open, she remembered that she had done this to the garbage collector. As the memory swirled in her head, at the same time the image of madness Nyogoso remembered from afar when the car lights flashed on her face. "Why are they alike? .."
"Suzani," he called.
"Abee mama", Suzani responded in a low voice as her heartbeat raced.
"Do you remember the boy? ..", looking at where he had gone mad Nyogoso, mother Suzani asked her daughter. Suzani denied that she did not know him even though in her heart she felt she knew him. Once again Suzani's mother held her breath and then said "Garbage collector", she added. That's when Suzani found out about what she was thinking ..
Suzani ran to Nyogoso, but abadani could not see her. The madman had already disappeared from the streets of Sinza. He was very hurt in his heart, he saw that missing Nyogoso once again it was as if he had been robbed of a swallow that was going to his mouth. But he was not in the mood, he agreed although he believed that Nyogoso is alive and safe. While Suzani believed so, the madman Nyogoso headed to one of the restaurants to beg for food, when he expected to find a tossed blanket missing. Mama Ntilie who was serving at the restaurant gave Nyogoso food without hiyana, put it in a nylon bag and handed it to her. Nyogoso ate hurriedly, for a few minutes he had finished. He asked for water and drank and then left, leaving behind his mother, Ntilie, who gave him food, saying, " So after much deliberation, he finally fell asleep and woke up in the morning when his mother woke him up saying goodbye to going to work now. On the other hand, Dr. Luanda's wife found herself unable to release her husband, she failed to use her body as the only way to get help by getting her husband convicted. He left the matter, he finally decided to return to his village with his son as he saw the life of the city without a dependent pillar he would never be able to wash the dafu.



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