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Suto Sutani, was a 22-year-old girl. She was an average tall girl, Suto was very handsome, she had beautiful white skin. At the age of 22, Suto had no boyfriend. She never had sex, she never got love from any man in the world. Suto did not even get the love of his biological father. Elder Sutani rejected Suto on the same day he was born. The reason for his rejection remained a secret.

Bruno Michael, was a very energetic young man. He was a young man born into a very capable family. He was a young man with a beautiful figure and shape, the presence of a certain amount of money in their family, made so many women envy Bruno on their street, Tabata dump.

Bruno and Suto, were living on the same street, Tabata dump. While Suto and his mother were living in an old Danigo house, a six-room house with six tenants in it, a Swahili house built in Kiswahili.
Bruno lived in his parents' quarters, a three-room house with everything in it, a modern home.

It was a Saturday morning, Bruno had not gone to college that day. Her parents had gone to the market to buy various household items for their small Suzuki car.
Bruno was sitting in the living room reading the book The Curse of No Curse, a novel composed by Tanzania's novelist George Iron Mosenya.
Bruno's mind was deeply engrossed in the tragic novel, with the musician Ben Pol's favorite music playing on his radio speakers.

Suddenly the living room door slammed shut.
"Welcome" Bruno said as he laid on his sofa his novel book.
"Thank you" A female voice answered outside the door.
"Push, you're open" The
door opened.

He entered Suto, wearing a pair of nice jeans and a short white blouse. In his hand he was holding a videotape.
"Brother Bruno, I've borrowed this tape in detail Alex, please let me take a look" Suto pleaded in his beautiful voice.
"Okay, don't worry" Bruno replied.

Bruno was completely unattractive to the girls, he looked good, he looked strong, he was very sticky on the street. He didn't like girls, he didn't even want to be around them. But today he was found, no matter how, they were in the same living room with Suto Sutani.
Bruno took the tape in Suto's hands and went to put it on the deck, turning off the radio that was playing. It was a civilized tape. Bruno returned to the sofa and continued reading his novel.
Suto was overjoyed to see Elder Yusuph singing on video, while the sisters danced with great skill.

Little by little the civilization began to enter Suto's head. Civilized music penetrated his veins. Her body tossed, Suto was a very big fan of civilization. Slowly he began to shake his head on the sofa. Bruno was immersed in the novel, he didn't see Suto shaking his head.

Confusion confused, Suto found himself standing up, and began to shake his whole body slowly. Bruno now put his finger on the pages he had just read, so that it would not be lost, both of his eyes fixed on Suto Sutani.

Suto was completely unaware of it. Now he was shaking his hips down the road. Bruno remained in shock.
Bruno's eyes widened in robbery, now landing on Suto's waist, it was a very beautiful waist. With a clear circle. Bruno was careful, a good waist was following the rhythm of politeness. Bruno was now clearly looking, not a thief anymore.
Suto's beautiful waist was very nimble.
Suto was busy and polite, completely forgetting Bruno's presence for a while. Bruno was busy with Suto's waist, forgetting the novel book for a while.

Bruno also stood up slowly, moving closer to Suto. Leaving the book lying on the sofa. Suto continued to break, and Bruno moved closer to her. They were very close now.
Suto from a distance felt his waist being gripped, Bruno was unconscious. His mind wandered completely. He didn't see the harm in holding Suto like that at all. Now he was seeing Suto as more beautiful than Cleopatra. The waist was very confusing, he suddenly found himself in love with Suto's waist, no, he found himself in love with Suto due to his beautiful waist. Now they were completely in touch, Suto in front, Bruno in the back.
Bruno's hands were on Suto's chest, playing with Suto's milk, Bruno's mouth was on Suto's ear. They were suffering from the blows of good country music. They are all helpless with the desire for something they do not know. When I heard Bruno's mouth I found myself saying, the words came out slowly with a squeaky mouth.

"The world does not give you the Suto. All these men-and-men do not love you. But I have found out that you are a very good wife. Yes, the world hates you. But I and I promise to go to today, nit-aku-pen-da all the days of my life Suto,
Yes, I love you so much Suto!

Suddenly the living room door opened, no one heard it When the door opened, no one heard the sound of a car parked outside. They were all in a trance.
Bruno's parents had returned from the market.
Bruno's father and mother were stunned to find their baby hugging Suto like that.

"Bruno! "his mother called out angrily.
" Well "
" What is that? ! "
"Love mom" Bruno replied gently.
"You say!"
"True love Mama"
"You mean , do you love Suto?"
"Yes mom"
"These wonders! Since when?"
"From today Mama"
"You love her from the heart Suto"
"I love you from the heart Mama, I want to marry her"
"Impossible!" Father and mother Bruno said together in a loud angry voice!

All the while Suto was silent. He could hear everything Bruno was saying. But he did not understand at all. She had never loved a man since she was born. He hated all the men in the world, the main reason being the story told by his mother, how his father abused his mother, to the point of rejecting him, his child. Suto was vengeful with all the men in the world. Bruno's words brought tears to Suto's eyes.

"Don't cry Suto, your tears are very precious to me .." Bruno did not finish his statement.
"Oh baby you're bewitched!" His father said in a stern voice.
"I love you dad" Bruno said confidently.

It was like a drama, Bruno himself did not know where the power of those words came from. The parents were also confused, Suto was very upset.
Little did they know, love is a very strange thing, and sometimes it starts without a specific reason. Bruno was not bewitched, now he did not only love Suto's waist, he really loved Suto, and a sincere intention from his heart he really wanted to marry her ...

Suto Sutani, he did not look very attractive in the eyes of the people, he did not have a very attractive body. But Suto had his own uniqueness and quality. Suto had good manners for everyone, Suto was disciplined, he was polite. In general Suto had all the qualities of a woman who should be called a wife. But most men did not know that. They used to believe that the woman was the only one who was beautiful, the one who was very beautiful. Most men had the same attitude as Bruno's father and mother. They used to believe in education, they believed in beauty, they were very wrong, and many men continue to make mistakes to this day.

"Bruno do you want to marry Suto?" Mama Bruno asked if she was out of sleep.
"I mean mom!"
"Give me one reason why you want to marry Suto?"

"I don't understand Bruno"
"Suto has good manners mother"
"Your arguments are not enough Bruno!" His father said angrily.
Bruno remained silent.
"Who am I to you?"
"Who am I to you?"
Now we said, you can not marry Reproach even if we died! "
" Give me one reason to stop me kutomuuoa Reproach? "
" It's not our choice "were all answered in unison.
" What kunambia ideal wife is your choice only, select My I'm not a wife better? "
" Your legal education should not disturb you Bruno, you are precious, you must find a precious wife too ... "
" Like Suto Sutani! "Bruno finished. Karogwaaa huyuuu I tell you! "Bruno's mother shouted.

"Yes I am bewitched, I am bewitched by the good behavior of Suto mother"
"Which character exactly?" Mama Bruno asked.
"He doesn't have these men, he's calm mom"
"Hahaha, you don't know why Suto doesn't have a man?"
"I know"
"What is it?"
"His firm stance, not wanting to be played by liars!"
"Bruno disappears, Suto's face is the reason" Mama Bruno said.

Bruno was brave, he had never really liked Suto before, but now he suddenly fell in love with Suto. It is true that Suto did not have a man, it is true that Suto had great respect and discipline, but why has Bruno seen it today? Again suddenly?

"I vowed I dislike the man in my life, I built it with my father, parent, father tortured her when my mother, he metes out to me, she rejects still very young child. Because of that I understand, until today.
Maybe not desirable really in your eyes, but since I've creator?
Let me tell you something, the biggest mistake most men make, you're going to do it with you. If you want a woman look at the shape, but if you want a wife look at the character "
Suto expressed himself at length.

Now Bruno found new strength.
"Mom and Dad, you all have a great education, but with this you are overwhelmed by the wisdom of Suto?"
"You're insulting us now!" Father Bruno said angrily as he frowned. "I do not insult my parents, I tell you the truth, Does this mean you don't know if a woman's beauty is a character? "

"We don't want details, we say you don't marry Suto!" They responded in unison.
"I'm marrying her!" Bruno replied forcefully.
"She's going to marry me!" Suto nodded.

Now it was a drama in particular. Everyone is sweating. They are all bent over.
Parents don’t want to.
Kids want to.

"I love you Suto"
"I love you so much Bruno" Bruno's

father and mother sighed a long sigh. In a fit of rage, they all rushed inside.
There were only two left in the living room.
"I never thought I would love you one day, I never thought because I was never close to you, my closeness today, you made me fall in love Suto, I don't care what the world says, I will only care what my heart says, I will love you Suto, I will love you even if the whole world despises Suto , from today I give you my heart, do not torment, do not abuse, please love me Suto. " Bruno spoke in a gentle, kind voice.
Suto did not answer, light fluid was dripping down his chest.
She was crying.

That was the beginning of this painful love. The love that started as a joke, and suddenly matured, the love that was typical, between the energetic young man Bruno and the girl with a normal figure Suto.

Inside the house was now a war, a fierce battle between Bruno and his parents. His father and mother really hated his relationship with Suto. Gradually they found themselves at odds with their only child Bruno. Inside the house but they did not talk at all!

The street was dangerous. People laughed at him and despised Bruno. An energetic young man drowned in the abyss of love for Suto. Many felt karogwa. This love gave birth to another strong hatred for Suto. People hated him even more on the street, believing in Suto the witch, karoga to be loved by Bruno.


Manka Edward, she was a very beautiful girl on the street. She was an average tall girl, she was white with a feminine shape, down she had a particular leg. The leg that allows permission to be worn in any denim by the girl. Manka knew how to dress. All over Tabata no girl was reaching out to Manka by wearing nice clothes. She was a modern, modern-day woman.

After those problems, Bruno's mother was thinking of ways to end Suto and Bruno's love affair. He decided to look for a daughter on the street so that he could have a son. As long as it broke the young love.
He sat heavily in the living room, anxious and meditating, with only one name in his head, Manka. He believed the beauty of Manka could break the love between Bruno and Suto. It was passed through his head, Manka became the solution in his head. He decided to use Manka to separate Suto and Bruno. At the same time he got up from the sofa and went to Manka's house to give her the job of separating her son's love from Suto.


When Bruno's mother thinks about it and decides to use Manka. Manka Edward was in front of a large mirror in his closet. She was looking at her beautiful body, evaluating herself and giving herself a mark.
Suddenly his cell phone rang.
He stopped looking at himself in the mirror, in a mocking motion he headed for the bed. He sat down and picked up the phone.
He received it.
"Tell me Janeth"
"Eeeh give me the gossip gay"
"You say"
"She and Reproach Sutani"
"will karogwa, ie kanikataa me good child they took Reproach? Not in vain, I tell you"
"He can not marry her, and we go to a specialist"
" Okay tomorrow "The
phone rang.

Manka was talking rudely to his homosexual. But after the call was cut off he was overcome with grief. The truth was he loved Bruno so much, he used all his tricks to trap him without success. Bruno took a firm stand. Not only for Manka, there was no girl on the street.
Manka got up, moved there in front of her big mirror.
He looked at himself.
He took off his pink tshirt.
He took off his blue jeans.
The top was left with only a bra, white, the bottom was left with ........ white. He began to look for defects in his body, he did not find it.
He turned around and looked at himself through the mirror, he didn't see any flaws in that beautiful body.
He was beautiful.
He was shaped.
He looked at the mirror again, he was surprised, he was shedding tears .... The

tears created a very bad hatred, from Manka to Suto Sutani.

Manka went back to bed and sat up slowly. Many thoughts went through his mind. Except one was passed by his head.
He decided to kill her!
Yes, he decided to kill Suto Sutani.

He stood up. He looked at his clothes down there. He stomped on it with both feet. He clenched his fist with his right hand. He gritted his mouth with his teeth, angrily. He punched the fist hard in his left palm.
He punched her five times.
"I must be a Suto Satan!" He gave Suto a bad name to justify his evil intentions.

Suddenly, the door to his room slammed shut.
"Welcome" He said in a scratchy voice, no doubt out of anger.
The stranger entered, it was Bruno's mother.
Mama Bruno's look at Manka was stunned. Manka also looked at himself. He found out what surprised Bruno's mother, instead of the clothes she was wearing, she had stepped on them.
but he did not try at all.

"Welcome mom"
"Why so Manka?"
"What did Suto do again?"
"Again genie again" Bruno's mother finished angrily.

After Manka calmed down a bit. Bruno's mother told him what had happened. They discovered they all had one enemy, Suto Sutani.

"What do you want us to do Suto?"
"I want him to leave my son completely"
"Bruno marry you"
"It's so hard"
"Why Manka?"
"Bruno doesn't want to!"
"The child is bewitched by God's righteousness!"
"What to do is just one here"
"Where's Manka?"
"Kill him!"
"You say"
"Suto going to hell is the only solution!"
"It's not fair Manka"
"Everything is just right in love and war"
"You're right Manka"
"I mean"

Mama Bruno was confused. Although he hated Suto very much but he did not want Suto to be killed.
He was too scared to kill.

"I'm going to kill Suto with this hand!" Manka showed Bruno's mother the hand she clenched her fist.
"Please don't kill Suto!"
"Get out mom"
"Manka you're kicking me out"
"Why don't you understand me Dina" Manka called mom Bruno by her real name.
"Okay I agree with you let's kill Suto '
" Welcome to the couch Mama "Manka suddenly changed.
Now they understand each other.

When Manka and Mama Bruno were planning to kill her, Suto Sutani was washing dishes in their home. She was washing dishes while singing the lyrics of Rachel's song, dizzy.
Immediately his mother returned from the market. He heard Suto's voice singing since he was out. He entered quietly. He found Suto completely abandoned the instruments, playing music. The singer was him.
The player was him.
Suto's waist was at work again.
Or really love dizziness .....

"I see you are very happy my son"
"Just normal Mom"
"It's not normal for you Suto, you've always been a very sad person"
"I have decided kujikubari Mama, I believe my happiness lies in me, I was waiting for the outsiders bring me joy, I will be the right person always"
"I see you have now Reproach you delight me today"
"Hahaha, I've been very old Mama"

***** ****

Father Bruno also did not like Bruno's relationship with Suto at all. He considered it an insult to have a son-in-law like Suto.
Contempt for his friends, contempt for his colleagues, contempt for his brothers.
He was sitting in his office, thinking of ways to separate the young love.
He still had no solution. What should he do to break that relationship.

Mama Suto came in very happy.
Before Bruno appeared in his life, Suto was loved by only one person on Earth, his biological mother. Mama Suto did not always leave Suto alone. Despite many people not liking Suto, but his mother loved him very much.
They often cried together when Suto was abused. and laugh together when Suto is happy, like this today.

Bruno was in college, studying law at the University of Dar es Salaam. From the morning he went to College until now he was thinking about the future of his relationship with his parents. He found it unwise to argue with his parents. He decided after a while to call his parents, to apologize. But in addition to apologizing, he planned to oppose any advice about leaving Suto.

When the time was up, Bruno walked out of the classroom. Before he could call his parents, his phone rang.
He was Manka.

"Haloo Bruno"
"Tell me Manka"
"Where are you?"
"Tell me your problem Manka"
"Please see you tonight"
"I'm sorry, I don't have time"
"So why do you hate me so much Bruno?" Bruno didn't answer that question, and he asked a question.
"Why did you put on 'loud speaker' ....?"
Suddenly the phone rang.

The phone rang for Manka in her bedroom with Bruno's mother, Manka set up a 'loud speaker' so that Bruno's mother could hear her son's response. Unexpectedly Bruno found out if the phone had a loud speaker installed.
Now the two women were relieved. Wondering how Bruno knew if they put on a 'loud speaker'.

Bruno was left with many questions.
"Why did Manka put on a 'loud speaker ?, and after asking him why he suddenly hung up? Anyway, when Manka made the call he was with someone, who is that person?"
Bruno was left with unanswered questions. He decided to call Manka to find out the answers to his questions.
Bruno called, the first time the phone rang until it was disconnected, he called again.

In Manka's room, there was an argument between Bruno's mother and Manka.
"Receive the call now"
"What can I tell mom"
"We tell her I didn't just put 'loud speaker'"
They argued so much, until the phone rang. After a while, the phone rang again
"Let me turn on the radio and tell him I'm in a hurry"
He approached the radio.
He turned it on.
Ommy Dimpoz's song, Later, was played on Manka radio speakers.

"Hallo" Bruno called.
"I'm in a hurry I'll call you later"
"Okay" The
phone rang.

Bruno walked about ten steps. Now he remembered his idea of ​​calling his parents, to apologize. He started calling his mother.
The call was received.
"Hallo Mama"
"I'm in a hurry I'll call you later" The
phone rang.

Bruno's alarm bell rang in his head.
He heard the same words.
Same song.
From two different people, he talked to them for a very short time.
When he called Manka he heard the song well.

And now call her Mother. He hears the same song again.
Worse they have all spoken the same words.
There is something.

Bruno felt there was something, he felt Manka and his mother were in the same place.
"How can people who are in two different places, speak the same words, and hear the same song
at the same time?" Bruno was wondering to himself.
"Coincidence" He answered himself as well.
"What coincidence is this?"
He got no answer.
'Coincidence is a situation where two or more similar things happen at the same time but unplanned'
Bruno now decided to call his father, to apologize. Her father was not available on the phone.

Manka and mother Bruno carefully planned their plans. The plans were implemented by themselves. Now Manka had a responsibility to go find the young men to kill Suto the next night.

In the city of Dar es Salaam, Tandale Street is a street that was very popular with the poor. Due to unemployment, many young people in Tandale became involved in cannabis and drug abuse.

To achieve their goal, Manka went to Tandale in search of young people who were going to kill Suto, the man they happened to hate most in the world for no apparent reason.
Money never fails!
Manka managed to find three talented young men in murder.
Young people who had no compassion.
Young people who have never been compassionate since birth.
How can they be compassionate when the world has never been merciful to them.

Manka and the young assassins planned to kill Suto the next night. To kill that innocent woman.

On that day they used it to understand the surroundings of the house where Suto lives in Tabata. The young men returned to Tandale to organize themselves to find out how they were going to invade Suto's house and kill him!

Kinje, Zinja and Dungu were the young men hired by Manka, they were dangerous and very cruel young people.
Their life history made them that way. They had a bad history in their lives that led them to hate every human being in the world. They wanted to kill even the whole world because they knew it. Today they have been given money to play their favorite game, they were so happy!


Bruno returned home, found his mother sitting in the living room. Unlike yesterday, today his mother was very excited for him.
Bruno was surprised.

In the evening his father returned. And he was happy too. They sat in the living room and talked and laughed as before. The family suddenly returned to happiness, unaware Each had a heavy secret in their head.

While Bruno's mother is happy to know that tomorrow night she will receive the news of Suto Sutani's death!
Father Bruno was also happy to know that tomorrow night he will receive the news of the death of Suto Satan!
Father Bruno also spoke to someone to kill Suto!
He was called Killer, he was a very popular bandit on the streets of Sinza. The whole Sinza knew the Killer.
Killer loved the game of killing!
The killing game with them happened to love the Killer too.
They certainly loved each other.

Finally came the day that Manka was eagerly awaiting, along with Bruno's mother and father.

It was a Wednesday, accompanied by heavy rain all day in Dar es Salaam City. The rain that Suto made him win inside most of the time. He is dating his girlfriend Bruno.

The night of that day came. Due to the rain, heavy clouds formed in the night sky. There was no moonlight at all.
It was pitch black!

At seven o'clock in the morning, people were walking around a house on the streets of Tabata. They were three dangerous people, they were careful with every step they took.

Kinje stood in one corner, on the west side of the house, Zinja he stood in the other corner, on the east side, while Dungu he was at the entrance to the great house of the deep Suto Sutani.

Dungu had a bunch of fake keys. Now he was trying to get the fourth keys to open that door.
The previous three keys had been rejected.

Behind the house, there was one deep shadow. That shadow came a long time there. The shadow witnessed three people from the moment they came until they stormed the house. The shadow was holding a long knife!
Despite being completely dark, but the knife was glistening.
Ready to stab anyone when ordered to do so!

The shadow now moved slowly. Without making any sound.
It was approaching the man on the west side of the Suto deep house.

Kinje squeezed himself nicely in the corner, though he wasn't very careful. All his mind was on the door, watching Ngudu trying to open the door.

Now that shadow was about three steps behind Kinje.
FEELING, Kinje felt there was something dangerous behind him. He turned quickly with his big sword in his hand.
It was too late!
With his right hand the shadow dipped the knife firmly into Kinje's chest.
The knife sank into his chest!
Kinje wanted to scream, but the shadow caught him. Kinje was gagged by the shadow. The shadow was wearing gloves in hand.
That shadow, it was a Killer shadow!

Killer slowly laid down the body of the late Kinje. Killer now circled the house in the background to the east of Zinja.
Killer was paid to kill one person, but he had no choice. He had to kill these three people, and others if he had to get to his target, Suto Sutani!

The Killer was now very few steps behind Zinja. Zinja didn't have any feelings if there was anyone behind him. He clasped his hand as he prayed for the door to open.
Suddenly! He covered his mouth with Killer's wide arm. The same knife that killed Kinje, now sank into Zinja's stomach three times and came out. It made a terrible wound!

Killer also laid Zinja's body on the ground. Now in a hurry he was following Dungu at the door.

Inside, Suto Sutani suddenly woke up from sleep. She sat up in bed remembering what had awakened her.
He remembered.
Suto was constrained by a small bowel movement. A small need that put him to sleep and brought him to earth.
The toilet of the house was outside. Suto had to go out that midnight, terribly dark, to help himself.
He got up from the bed and went outside.
Outside where there was a Dungu, outside where there was a Killer, there were also two corpses with serious knife wounds!

Suto slowly got out of bed, with a deep sleep. He appeared in the wide living room of the house. He took the keys to the long nail in the living room.
Now he was about to open the door.

Out there the Killer was very close to Dungu. Dungu was very different from Zinja. Dungu was a very dangerous man, he felt the coming of someone behind him a long time ago, he pretended not to know if there was anyone behind him.
Dungu prepared for the arrival of the man.

Killer was stalking, while the stalker had no idea if he was stalking!

With his slow motion Suto was heading for the door, opening the door.

Out there, Killer was behind Dungu for about a step. Killer raised the hand with the long knife that glowed in the dark. With great speed and strength he lowered his neck with a knife hand!
Dungu could see everything with the naked eye. Quickly he bowed too, the Killer's knife hand missed the blow, passed through the air without finding the target.

Inside, Suto was inserting the keys into the doorknob. He noticed there was a slight difficulty.
He forced.
But out there Dungu left his keys hanging there on the floor, suddenly they dropped!
The door opened.

After dodging the knife, Dungu turned back, leaving the keys hanging there on the lock.
Now Dungu and Killer were staring at each other. Killer holds a knife in his right hand, While Dungu holds a sword in his left hand!

Suto was standing in the middle of the door, witnessing the two rocks facing each other. Suto was stunned, unable to make a sound. And he gave no sign.
He calmed down.

Killer threw a powerful fist with his left hand. The fist that hit Dungu on the cheek. Dungu sighed a little, and at that moment he came back strong with the sword, the sword landed on Killer's neck on the road. Half of the sword went into the neck, Dungu left the sword hanging around Killer's neck.
He ran a race!

Suto Sutani, he seemed to be numb at the door. For the first time in his life he witnessed a dangerous event. Suto witnessed a human being dying while bleeding like a rotten water pipe.
Suddenly, he got a statement. He shouted very loudly.
Crying in fear!
Crying in fear!

Within five minutes, the crowd was packed. Armed with various weapons.
They arrived at the house where Suto Sutani was staying.
When they got there all the people were stunned. They found a very bad picture. The corpse of a man if he has fallen to the ground, with a sword around his neck.

Suto was crying a lot, every time he was asked he was crying. The envoy called, Tabata Police Station.
A quarter of an hour later the police arrived.
Police inspected the entire house to check on the circumstances of the killings. Then they found two more bodies.
They took it.
They took him and Suto Sutani. He was the number one defendant in the murder case!

Dungu ran very fast that night. He was like confused.
He did not fully understand what had happened?
Didn't know who the man was?
Where did he not understand his colleagues?
When he got away from the deep house Suto stood up, as he moved, he took his phone out of his pocket. He searched for Manka's name and called her.

"Halloo Boss"
"Tell me Dungu, have you succeeded?"
"No Boss"
'I don't understand Boss "
" Dungu! Why are you confusing me! "
" Mission failed Manka "

"Suto Sutani was guarded!"
"He is protected ?? !!"
"Yes, I don't know if Zinja is really safe"
"Where are you, let's talk because I don't even understand"


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