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Daniel went to Dar es Salaam with the goal of one man, to get better nutrition to restore his health. He is back in this serious struggle!

Thanks to the care and food he ate, after a week Daniel's condition returned to normal.

After recovering completely, Daniel was told by the IJP of the harm they had caused the killers throughout his stay in hell. They killed the children of five other dignitaries. They came from different regions. They killed 11 spies and twenty good citizens. proxine!

"The country is now in a very dangerous situation. The only hope is you, Daniel. I know you have made some progress in your investigation. The country is very dependent on you. The president is very dependent on you. Tanzanians are very dependent on you. small and emotional.

"Don't be so great. I promise you within three days I will show you who I am? This is a great promise"
"I trust you and rely on you very much Daniel"

Daniel now entered work at a new pace. He carried the national responsibility. fifty relying on him. Trusting him alone.

Daniel went to Arusha. With the killings spread throughout Tanzania. But Daniel went to Arusha.

At around 4pm, he was found in Arusha. The first thing he did was go straight to the Arusha Police Station. Talking to Abdul. Until then he did not know if the Elder who saved him in the forest was Abdul's father.

"Good day Abdul"
"Clean. How did you succeed brother Abdul"
"We are heading for victory now"
"Daah thank you so much brother daniel"
Have you ever seen her husband Raiya?"
"Do you know anything about him"
"Mmmmmm yah I remember, Malawi said it was his father's youngest child"
"Clean sana.Ndani three days we will know where to go mbichi.Umenipa ripe to finish this saga"
"I I pray all the best"
They said goodbye.

Daniel left the secret room with a starting point. He decided to go to Zanzibar. At Salehe's parents' house he would have known a lot. He congratulated himself for coming to talk to Abdul first.

A Thursday morning flight took Daniel to Zanzibar.
The plane took him to Zanzibar airport. Now he saw himself approaching the reality of this saga.

He started asking about Salehe's house. Daniel was very surprised by Salehe's popularity. Strangely enough he had never heard of her before this saga.

"Where are you going?"
"Elder Makame's house"
"Which Makame?"
"The brother and the vice president"
"Ahaa Makame Abdullah, it's five thousand fares"
"No problem"

Twenty minutes later Daniel was brought down to the porch of Elder Makame's House. The spirit was pounding him.
He said his pistol was in the right place. He made his way towards the house which made Daniel very suspicious.
He knocked three times. He heard the sound of footsteps coming to open the door. The door was opened by a young man of Arab descent.

The boy's eyes were normal for a normal person. But for Daniel they were not normal eyes. The boy's eyes were full of fear and anxiety in him.

"What is he afraid of?" Daniel wondered to himself.

"Hello boy?"
"Do you have an appointment with him?"
"Tell me what's the stranger's name?"
"Njemba" Daniel lied.
"Okay" The

boy did not let Daniel in. He left him standing at the door. In the culture of the people of Zanzibar it was unusual.

"Something" Daniel said to himself again.

Three minutes later the door was reopened by the same young man.

"Welcome inside"
"Thank you"

They came to the living room.Daniel chose one sofa.He sat down.

"I'm going to call the old man"

The boy came out. Daniel rolled his eyes in the living room quickly. He didn't see anything strange.
He sat down on the sofa.

They greeted each other by shaking hands. The old man sat on the sofa facing Daniel.

"Eeh I'm listening to you boy"
"I see you're about to succeed" Daniel said looking at Mzee Makame.
"Sijakuelewa boy"
"I am talking your plan of destruction"
"Mzee was startled a bit.
" Hahaha just knew you Daniel Mwaseba.Umekifata your death! "
" Sijakuelewa Mzee "
" Utanielewa five minutes "

chanced Elder arid He saw Daniel since he came down on The taxi was recognizing Daniel. All he did was run to the room while the boy deliberately delayed Daniel at the door.

He sprayed dangerous Proxine on his hand and as he entered they greeted Daniel with their hands. He was hoping Daniel would die soon! Daniel will cross over!

"Say hello to hell Daniel" Elder Makame said sarcastically.
Daniel remained silent!

Elder Makame was talking as he dispensed Proxine's anti-retroviral drug to his pocket.

Daniel stood up ......!

Daniel stood up ..!

Daniel Mwaseba was smarter than Mzee Makame thought.
Daniel stood up, and began to follow Elder Makame as he stood up.
Elder Makame was busy putting the medicine in his pocket quickly. He was very upset.

Daniel came closer to him, he hit hard karate in the hand he was giving medicine.
Mzee Makame was left with a shocked look on his face as he groaned in pain. He was wondering why Daniel is so strong.

He began to feel the poison in the distance. It was slowly beginning to harm him. When Daniel was a wolf!

The young man who opened the door for Daniel came to the hall. He was surprised to find Mzee Makame in a very bad condition. While Daniel was strong. He reached into his pocket to give what he wanted to give.
He never did!
And he was hit with one male karate neck. He could not stand the weight of the karate for the part he was beaten.
He went to hell slowly!

Mzee Makame began to cross the line now. Daniel once again praised himself for his move to interview Abdul first in Arusha. And to come to Zanzibar to follow up on the saga.

Daniel now took off the soft leather he was wearing on his hand. It was a plastic leather that matched the skin of his palm. He was wearing like 'gloves'
He started searching the house of Mzee Makame.

He searched the whole house and found nothing. He despaired.
In the end he decided to climb on the ceiling.
He found ten large boxes. Blue.
Daniel smiled!

On the ceiling he tried to open one box.
He found many small bottles. Written Proxine !.

"What are these relatives interested in yet?"
He asked himself. There was no one to answer.
He dropped all the ten boxes.
What did he think he should do?

He remembered.
He phoned IJP Rondo.
Within ten minutes a police patrol car arrived. They were carrying all the poison boxes. Along with the bodies of the deceased.
When the police go to the station. Daniel boarded a boat for Dar es Salaam. He still continued to work.

Within three hours He was a ferry.
He got off like other passengers. No one knew if Daniel had come out to do such a great thing on Zanzibar a short time ago.

His journey took him directly to Salehe's house, Mikocheni. As he got closer he saw how they had strengthened the defense. There were four guards at the gate.

He decided to enter the house the same afternoon.
He had no time to waste.
He resolved to settle the matter in just three days.
He went to the gate where there were three guards.

"What can we do for you Boss?"
"I 'm asking Brother Salehe"
"He's not here"
"Where did he go?"
"Go to Zanzibar, there are problems"
"What transport did he go to?"

The guards showed that they did not know the evil of their boss.

Daniel phoned IJP Rondo. He sent enough soldiers to Zanzibar airport.

At that time Salehe was on a small Coastal plane. He was very confused. He could not believe it when he was told that his father had died. His father knew how to spy.
And how was he killed when Proxine was in it. Why didn't he use it when he saw danger approaching?

The worst thing that ever happened to Salehe's head was ten boxes of Proxine on the ceiling.
Of the fifteen boxes that entered the country, they kept them for Mzee Makame.
He was wondering who was so close to his castle. He didn't think of Daniel Mwaseba at all. He knew Daniel in the past in Bagamoyo in the wild.

The plane that Salehe boarded was landing at Zanzibar airport.
Soldiers being careful.
Salehe did not have this or that. He did not know if there was a group of soldiers waiting for him to meet him outside the stadium.

At the same time Daniel was in a boat on his way back to Zanzibar again.

When it was landing the plane Salehe felt something. He felt there was a dangerous situation in the field.
Ready to kill!
Ready to die!

Kaspersky and Zwangendaba were inside a small black Noah parked at the airport. They were waiting for their Boss Salehe to take him home. They were the first to arrive. With a laptop with a heavy secret!

They did not fully understand the image they saw at the airport. They saw many military figures as if waiting for someone. They were not ordinary airport soldiers.
Although they wore civilian clothes it did not bother Kerspesky.

Their focus increased as they figured out a way to get Salehe out of that trap ..!

When the plane landed kaspersky phoned Salehe.

"Hello Kerspersky, that's where I land here"
"Be careful Boss. The situation is not calm out here"
"Don't worry, I'm shocked, I'll just leave you feathers!"
"I believe you" The
phone rang.

The plane landed safely at Zanzibar airport.
While Salehe eagerly awaits the reception of more than thirty heavily armed police officers, he comes down to arrest him.

The plane landed safely at Zanzibar airport. All the soldiers were careful with all the people getting off the plane. It was a small 6-person Auric aircraft.

The first passenger was a middle-aged mother carrying a small child on her back.
He got off the second passenger, a young white middle-aged man, carrying a large bag on his back.
He landed three passengers, was an 18-year-old female, of Asian descent.
The fourth passenger was a pregnant middle-aged mother.
Five passengers also disembarked, he was an old Arab with a beard. The last passenger in that small plane landed, he was a young Chinese man.

Every time a passenger got off thirty soldiers were careful to look at a picture of Salehe in hand for each other.
But the image of the man with the picture did not diminish! Salehe lost sight of the wind!

The soldiers were stunned with their pictures in their hands. Five soldiers boarded the plane to see if Salehe was hiding inside. They searched every corner of the plane.
Salehe did not see him!

At that time Salehe was away from the airport. He was in the black Noah approaching the house of his father, the Old Man. Who would have known if the pregnant woman they saw coming down was Salehe?
He spent three minutes changing himself right there in the seat in great secrecy. She wore a fake face, she wore a fake body, her bag turned into a fake pregnancy. Dar es salaam boarded a plane Salehe, Zanzibar got off the plane a pregnant mother!

Inside the car he changed himself. Now he had a real picture of Salehe.
They arrived at Salehe's father's house shortly after. They got out of the car and walked with caution. They knew anything could happen inside the house.
They found an empty house. Absolutely empty. There is no-one. There is no sign of life. They went inside. Salehe climbed to the roof. He was so tired!
There were no toxic boxes of Proxine. It was a huge loss. There were ten boxes of Proxine. And each box contained a thousand barrels of that dangerous poison. The theft of ten boxes, meant ten thousand bottles of Proxine poison were stolen. What is the loss?

"All the poisons have been taken. Now they have declared war. This is the third world war. I will kill every living creature in this country. I will kill and kill! After committing horrific, and unsatisfactory killings, we will do something that will leave Tanzanians speechless." Salehe said angrily on the ceiling, tears welling up in his eyes.

Salehe, Zwangendaba and Kerspersky came out of the house with their heads down. And an unknown extinction. Now they were determined to kill, and they went to kill!

Daniel was getting off the boat at a port in Zanzibar. He had been informed by the police that he had been left at the lights of Zanzibar airport. He did not blame the police, he knew the tactics of those people.

When he arrived in Zanzibar, he headed straight for Mzee Makame's house. With great caution he entered Mzee Makame's house. It was too late, the Salehe family had left.

Daniel climbed onto the ceiling and handed a small insect-shaped object.
It was a tape recorder! What he put in before he left for Dar es Salaam. He deliberately intended to hear the shock that Salehe would experience after discovering the Proxine boxes had disappeared.
He went downstairs and put the wallet on his phone. He didn't just feel the shock. He also heard angry and angry words from Salehe.

"All the poisons have been taken. Now they have declared war. This is the third world war. I will kill every living creature in this country. I will kill and kill! After committing horrific, and unsatisfactory killings, we will do something that will leave Tanzanians speechless."
Daniel smiled.

Daniel left Mzee Makame's house without any specific direction. Didn't know where Salehe would be headed? He was just walking down the street. Maybe he will find anything that will help him in solving this great tragedy!
He met nothing.

He decided to find a quiet hotel and rest his body and mind.


Inside the Green view Hotel on Uzunguni Street in Mbeya, there was a Siri session. The session brought together five very important people in the program.
Destruction Plan!

They were the same four soldiers and Salehe Makame. They were reviewing the progress of their plan before finalizing it. There were two days left to complete the plan. A malicious intent for the Government of Tanzania. A plan that creates fear and threatens the security situation for the people and leaders of Tanzania. The plan is to start committing atrocities on the children of bigots, in order to reduce the attention of the police. They wanted the police all over the country to search for the killer of the children of college bigots. So that they can easily use the Tunduma border, from Tanzania to Zambia to escape .....!

The Plan of Destruction was as follows. In Iringa Region, in Makete village there was a very large arms depot. It was the largest weapons depot in Tanzania.
The plan of these men was to steal and smuggle all the weapons out of the warehouse. They had talked business with one Somali terrorist group. They planned to secretly cross the Tunduma border by bribery to cross the Tunduma to Zambia. From Zambia, the weapons will be flown back to Somalia. They did not want to upgrade the aircraft from Tanzania. The security situation in Tanzania was better than in Zambia.

It was a plan devised by three top Government officials. Coordinated by five top executives. They met today inside the Green view hotel.

"Salehe we have a total of 15 empty containers. We must pack up and cross the border tonight. I know the eyes of all security forces are in Arusha, Mwanza and Zanzibar. We are going to steal the weapons tonight in the main warehouse of Makete Government, tomorrow night we must transport them. We must be very careful at this point. Again in order to further confuse the police force today one must be killed in Dar es Salaam. Major Ndondi Ndanga who was the chairman of the session gave instructions.
"Well I understand you. I believe our plan will succeed. But you have advised us to be one person in Dar es Salaam. But in order to mix them well we have to kill three people today!. Dar es salaam, Mara and Kigoma. Then we will be able to. , Dar es Salaam and Kigoma, more troops will be deployed in those areas.
Salehe also came up with his own idea.
"Okay Salehe. Very good idea" Major Ndondi Ndanga agreed with Salehe's plan.
"And I will start a third World War here in Mbeya!" Salehe said angrily. The
session was closed.

Salehe went to Songwe Airport located just outside Mbeya city, looking for three tickets to different regions. He was lucky to get two tickets to Kigoma and Mara. The flight to Dar es salaam was full.

He thought of the man from Dar es Salaam. He spoke to his Zanzibar man. The plane was found. Salehe booked a ticket from Mbeya to Zanzibar, so that whoever goes to Dar es Salaam will first go to Zanzibar, then look for a flight to Dar es Salaam.

Daniel was fast asleep at the hotel. He got up, bathed and ordered food right at the hotel. After eating he called his friend Mhudumu at Zanzibar airport, and was told there was a ten-hour flight to Dar es Salaam. He asked her to give him one ticket. Daniel decided to return to Dar es Salaam again!

4pm flight to Dar es Salaam found itself boarded by two enemies. Daniel Mwaseba and Kerspersky. No one had seen the other.

Daniel was the first to board the plane. He went to the airport earlier. He had nothing to do at the hotel. He thought it best not to go to the stadium. At eight o'clock he was found inside Zanzibar airport. Waiting for the flight to arrive.
Arudi Dar es salaam.

Kerspersky himself arrived later on the field. He arrived in Zanzibar at 9.30am from Mbeya. After finishing the procedure at the airport, Kerspersky boarded the plane.

Daniel was sitting in the very back seat of the plane. Surrounded by thoughts. He did not expect that the task of exposing the killers would be so difficult. Now he saw that three days were too few. Overwhelmed by many thoughts he decided to reduce them by reading a novel. He opened his small bag and handed out a detective book, Hila, a novel composed by Tanzanian novelist George Iron Mosenya. He slowly unrolled it and began to read it. Mama Lao's story in the novel made Daniel forget a little about the suffering of the world. He floated in a completely different world.

While Daniel was reading the book, Kerspersky boarded the plane. He sat in the front seats. Kerspersky was not careful to observe the people on the plane. He calmed down in his seat. Contemplating the task before him.

Kerspersky planned to go to IFM's financial management college to pursue his mission. The college where the son of the Minister of Agriculture and Food, Mr. Nyongo Daudi, was studying. He was determined to kill Janeth Nyongo. The son of the minister of agriculture and food.

At ten o'clock the plane left the land of Zanzibar Island, heading for Dar es Salaam.

Shortly afterwards the plane landed at Mwalimu Julius Nyerere Airport in Dar es Salaam. Individual passengers began disembarking from the plane. Daniel was the last passenger to get off the plane. Preceded by Kerspersky and other passengers.

Daniel was very careful. He was following every step he hit Kerspersky. The relative did not know at all if he was being followed.

He took a taxi out of Mwalimu Julius Nyerere Airport, and headed for the Post Office, where the IFM campus is located. Daniel also took a taxi. It was a silent sequence.
Kerspersky was not at all careful. He was not worried at all. He came to the post office, got off. He was walking towards IFM on foot, with Daniel behind him!

Kerspersky came to IFM college. Kerspersky passed through the college gate without any worries. He was not afraid, and no one doubted him.

He started asking the students. The first student did not know which room Janeth was staying in, the second student without knowing the intent of the relative directed the Kerspersky hostel where the child of the agriculture and food minister, Janeth, was staying. Gradually Kerspersky turned to where he was headed.

Kerspesky was heading for the hostel while turning back from time to time. But he did not find anyone to question.
He climbed the stairs to the hostel at a very fast pace.
Now blood was boiling in his body, he was determined to kill!

He arrived at room number 33. The room he was directed to was where Janeth was staying. He knocked on the door with the handle of his long knife, but the door did not open.
He knocked again. Now the door was slowly opening.
He met a pistol!
It was Daniel Mwaseba!

Kerspersky was asking the first student and following the second. Daniel followed that of the first student. After asking him he told the relative he was asking Janeth, Daniel stepped forward. He quickly went to ask another student. He was directed to the room where Janeth was staying. He preceded him in room number 33. Fortunately it was locked. She opened it using her prostitute keys. He sat up in bed waiting for his guest.

Kerspersky was stunned. He did not expect to find Daniel there. He also did not expect to be welcomed in that style.

"Very welcome"
Kerspersky did not reply.
Daniel smiled.
"I know you did not expect to be welcomed by me. But it has found you unfortunate"
Relatively silent.
"I want you to say the silence didn't help!" Daniel said sternly.
He did not answer.

Daniel was angry. He slapped her using the elbow on her mouth. Kerspersky began to bleed.

"Will you speak and not speak?"
The relative turned dumb.
He took her to
a police station at the Post Office.

Daniel left the station not knowing where he was going. He had so many ideas. Not sure where to turn? He doesn't know what to do? After two hours around the street he returned to the Postal Police station.

"Please give me that Criminal"
Kerspersky was called.
He sat in front of Daniel.
"You'll talk right now" Daniel said gently.
Kerspersky just stared at him.
"Don't force me to do what I want to do to you"
"Don't do anything I don't tell you anything"
Daniel heard Kerspersky's voice for the first time.

Daniel sighed. He went to the counter at the counter. He opened one of the cupboards. He picked up a small tape, it was like a small wristwatch.
He wrapped the tape in Kerspersky's hand.
It fit him very well.

He handcuffed the other hand to the metal chair on which Kerspersky sat.
Soon the tape began to hit Kerspersky. It began to squeeze slowly, then the speed of squeezing the arm increased. Keep squeezing the tape!
Kerspersky began to feel increasing pain. The pain intensified now. The tape began to pass through the meat of Kerspersky's hand.
The tears began to



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