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Suzani recalled that she had met him the day Nyogoso was hit by a car. He went further to remember that when the accident happened, their daughters each seemed shocked to indicate that Suzani and Mazoea knew Nyogoso well. With that in mind he approached her to greet her but also wanting to know how she got to know her patient.
"Sister how are you? ..", mother Mazoea greeted mother Suzani.
"Aahh just a little safe my sister, how are you from that day? ..", replied mother Suzani, and she seemed to remember mother Mazoea.
"Safe too, who did you come to nurse?"
"My daughter, she stabbed herself so she is lying here."
"Ooh my God wee! Jamani Kisa? ..", before Suzani's mother told mother Mazoea the story that made her son stab himself, as soon as it was announced the time to go see the patients. Mama Mazoea and Mama Suzani together headed to the ward where Suzani was admitted, while in the ward she received a text message on her phone. He read it and then said goodbye to mother Suzani, and immediately headed to the ward where Nyogoso was insane. When he entered he looked at the madman in bed for a few minutes, he was very sad and then he left the ward but before he left the ward a few minutes he met face to face with mother Suzani who grew up going out to buy water.
"Is your patient hospitalized there? ..", asked mother Suzani.
"Yes, come and see him for at least a second", replied mother Mazoea, very quickly mother Suzani entered where she was shocked to see him once again Nyogoso. He recalled that the young man was the one who disturbed his daughter's mind to the point of committing suicide.
"Mmmh! I wish I had seen you. You have no reason to continue living, your life will ruin my daughter. With the power of my money, I will kill you or you will end up in jail ...", she said to herself in her soul mother Suzani staring at Nyogoso madly in bed can not

"I have to get rid of him", insisted mother Suzani and then left the hospital, as soon as she came back with living water and took it to the ward where her daughter was admitted. Certainly Suzani's mother planned to kill Nyogoso, the situation made her different when she saw him. He took a deep breath and sat down on the bed where his daughter was lying, in a low voice and said "I'm so sorry my son but I see your condition will be resolved in a few days". He spoke those words to Suzani.
"It's true mother, thank God I'm doing well", replied Suzani in a low voice as her mother poured a small glass of water she brought to the hospital from home. But Suzani refused to drink the water, claiming that she had no desire to eat or drink. And when his mother caressed him, he was shocked. He angrily said, "Mother, I have already told you that I have no desire for your water or your food. Try to understand me then."
"But what do you want? ..",
"I want you to pick up trash", replied Suzani briefly as she came to her face he stabbed himself. Suzani's response to her mother was very annoying, she felt tired as the anger of wanting to kill Nyogoso madness also doubled.
"Laah! I don't know what demon my son is possessed by. It's impossible for all the beauty he has, all the money his parents have. Today he will go out and swell up in the street completely with the garbage collector? Money will do its job, I will never let my generation perish ", thought mother Suzani as her soul ached to be cut short by her daughter.
"Suzani ..", once again the mother had to raise her voice to call Suzani. But despite Suzani hearing her mother's voice, she never responded other than to turn around and look at her mother without saying a word. Suzani's mother grumbled after seeing her daughter increasingly show her arrogance and contempt, in a gentle voice she said "Suzani my son, I am your mother. It is not good that you should not buy me. How long has the parent been bought?
"Mother, you called me. Tell me the reason you called me", still Suzani showed pride in front of her mother. Only wisdom made the mother gentle, and it was there that she played with her mind. He came to realize that the only reason he could respond to her daughter's demands was to reject her. Mad Nyogoso was the main reason he knew that his daughter was making him show contempt and pride, then in a low voice he said to her "I saw her in the trash can, and I told her everything about you. She was really happy you can't believe it", lied mother Suzani, she did it for the purpose of playing with the mind of his daughter. Suzani let out a cheerful smile, and replied "Waooh! Really mom? .."
"Yes, absolutely true. I can't cheat on you !.", mother Suzani replied to her daughter with a false smile on her face.
"Oooh my God, I hope my destiny of living with the garbage collector is going to be fulfilled now. I pray that God will not obscure the beauty and size of his figure", in his heart, Suzani said these words to herself while a cheerful smile continued to dominate her. When she had said this she took a deep breath and then asked her mother "Mother, so she is safe the ajari could not affect her? ..", when mother Suzani heard the question of her daughter, she remained silent at first thinking of an answer to give him to bury it. As soon as he got the answer, he replied "No, although he was a little hurt but in the way I see him he is OK, and he is continuing his work of picking up trash" It was an answer that made Suzani very happy, as it showed a different happy face. Finally the time to see the patients was over, mother Suzani said goodbye to her daughter while mother Mazoea had already left after being fed by Nyogoso's beloved daughter. Mama Mazoea had to accept the situation even though in her heart she was not happy with the act of her daughter drowning in the love of the garbage collector Nyogoso.
"Other girls, it's good to give birth to grasshoppers. I don't know what you like about the boy, the child you teach him you give him what he wants but he grows up. The words he uttered to himself angrily as he took steps to follow his car for the purpose of returning home to rest. When he got home, he went straight to his room and threw himself on the bed, constantly scratching himself. Sure enough his daughter hurt her head.

At the same time, if both the wealthy families of mother Mazoea and mother Suzani who both together have their daughters hail the crazy Nyogoso while they seem to disagree with their daughters' ideas. The love of the other seemed to be at least five young men, the young men grew up screaming. Among the young men was a young man known as Lidai. Lidai for a long time grew up following Suzani unacceptably, and several times Suzani dared to insult him saying that he had no dignity to be with her. The situation greatly deprived Lidai of happiness, he loved when he was not loved. Money and good looks are the main reason why Suzani went anywhere she went, the beauty knew how to wear well, gold bracelets. Her neck is also glistening well with the female ribs. Suzani was impressed.
"No guys, you know Suzani these two days I don't see you", said Lidai.
"I have already started. Now you even if you do not see what the problem was? When even seduce you know"
"Let us remove our your nonsense here", answered the other boy, he sided with the young man who answered Lidai. When young Lidai wanted to defend himself, the second young man added, "Lidai is bringing down the youth of this neighborhood to know. For you there is enough money, you can wear clothes of any cost. in words, follow him in homosexuality. Believe you will only catch him "

"Really eeeh! Then you've talked about something that doesn't mean they just end up crushing, or don't you know that he's a VIP? .." Lidai appeared to be smiling and supported the third relative who advised him to be gay by wearing nice clothes and smelling all kinds of things. perfume, possibly even from Suzani while using an expensive car. But while Lidai's accusers were talking, he suddenly interrupted a daughter named Loi. For a long time Lidai grew up sending Loi to seduce Suzani. When Lidai saw Loi crossing the island, he quickly got up and asked Loi to stand. Loi stood up. After the greeting, Lidai asked Loi about the thing he had sent to Suzani. So Loi, before answering Lidai, paused for a moment with her forehead bowed. He immediately broke the brief silence and said "Claim, Suzani is in hospital for four days now ... ", Lidai was shocked to hear that Suzani was hospitalized ..." Hospital? What is wrong with her? .. "At the same time Lidai questioned as she seemed to cool down a bit shocked by the news of Suzani being hospitalized. Because she is a girl who happened to love her very much." She stabbed herself "replied Loi as she left her slowly in her fifties.
"Loi why are you leaving now without telling me anything? .."
"What do you want me to tell you Lidai? .. aamh about your message, wait for him to recover from the hospital I will go see him and tell him about your feelings"
"When now" he asked Lidai again, the trip seemed to have curiosity.
"Today first I go to them, I see his mother, so if I find him I will finish everything"
Lidai laughed happily and then added "That's why I accept you Loi .."
"Hey sir .. wait for me to be there in the store for mangi"
"Okay" Lidai returned to the island to continue the commotion, Loi her best friend Suzani continues with her fifties. Yes! when Lidai
thinking of finding Suzani, Suzani and the hospital wished for a speedy recovery so that she could look for Nyogoso. Mazoea also wished Nyogoso to recover as soon as possible so that he could take her to his imaya, so that mother Suzani wondered what she would do to get Nyogoso crazy so that she would not harm her son. After much deliberation, the answer he found was that the easiest way was to find a doctor at Mwananyamala hospital. The doctor who conspired with him to pay him all the money he needed should make sure he kills Nyogoso by injecting him with a poison needle.
"Very good idea", smiled mother Suzani after seeing what she thought was right. It grew the next day now. As soon as Suzani's mother arrived at the hospital, before she entered the ward to inform her daughter of her condition, she made an effort to see the Chief Physician who was Luanda believing that she could persuade the Doctor by giving her whatever money she wanted as long as she met her needs.

"At the moment I'm a little busy, so maybe we should give each other a number so that we can contact each other for five weeks so we can talk and talk properly", Dr Luanda was heard saying to Suzani's mother as she entered his office.
"Okay Doctor thank you very much. Ammmh! This is my number here", he pulled out a card number from his wallet and handed it to the Doctor and then the Doctor typed his number on the paper and handed it to mother Suzani. They said goodbye. After Suzani's mother divorced Dr. Luanda, in the past the Doctor was left wondering what conversation the mother was having, but in the end only patience reigned in his heart.
Finally the day came, the fifth week. Early in the morning Suzani's mother called Dr. Luanda and reminded him that they would have a conversation that day. "Well no doubt, do your best to come", said Dr. Luanda as he prepared to enter work. When he arrived at work, the first thing before doing anything was to enter the ward where Nyogoso was insane to inform him of the situation. Suddenly the doctor found himself smiling after finding Nyogoso sitting on the bed leaning against the wall with the pillow on his back while his hands also touched the place where he was wounded.
"Laah! Truly God, I now eat this money in complete peace", said Dr. Luanda with the words of his heart, his forehead also showing a wide smile.
"Boy, how are you feeling now? ..", Dr. Luanda, still in a state of ecstasy, exclaimed Nyogoso. But Nyogoso did not answer, more than just living to watch. The act led Dr. Luanda to believe that his patient might still be mentally unstable, and so he felt the need to let him continue to rest. He left the ward and went to continue caring for other patients, as soon as his cell phone rang. He pulled out the pocket of his jacket, looked in the mirror of his phone and saw Mazoea's mother's number. Receiving "Yes your mother", he spoke to Dr. Luanda in a high-pitched voice, knowing that he had no further case with the mother as his patient had already recovered.
"Safe I don't know you Doctor", replied mother Mazoea.
"For me too safe, Eeh I thank God for that"
"Well, what about the patient's condition? Because today I'm busy with work here in the office, so I won't have a chance to come there", said mother Mazoea while she was in her office, the fingers of her left hand playing computer buttons.
"The patient woke up today, but he still can't talk. But don't worry, I will keep trying. Everything will be fine, mother."
"Okay, thank you for the information, tomorrow I will come. Please don't let her leave until I get there"
"Don't worry, I wish you a good day"
"Okay Doctor and you too", mother Mazoea hung up the phone after finishing the conversation with Dr. Luanda. Suddenly he found himself dizzy for a few minutes, seemingly in disbelief as to whether Nyogoso had really recovered because he believed that Nyogoso's life was his daughter's life. He took a deep breath after coming out of the abyss and then said to himself "But really in the world there are things and things", when he had read the words to himself, he continued to work.

As time went on, finally the opportunity for Suzani's mother to meet Dr. Luanda was about to arrive. Mama Suzani phoned the Doctor to agree on a meeting place.
"Hello! Doctor", said mother Suzani after Luanda received a call.
"I'm sorry, just wait five minutes," Dr. Luanda said in a low voice, "Mother Suzani cut off her phone if at that moment in her heart she said," Today is the day my son is released from the hospital, so I don't want to lose this day without taking him off Earth. This is a garbage collector. I must kill him or he will be a disgrace to my community around me ", said Suzani's mother as she walked back and forth, finishing the whole living room while waiting for five minutes to call Dr. Luanda again. Five minutes later, Suzani's mother called Luanda, and she was told that the call was in use. Angry mother Suzani, she quickly hung up the phone but at the same time her phone rang. The one who called her was none other than Dr. Luanda, but when Suzani's mother grew up calling her,
"Enhee. Tell me now", spoke Dr. Luanda.
"I want to know where to meet so that we can talk in detail," replied Suzani's mother.
"Okay, I'm listening to you
" Anhaa, then please let's meet at the Tanzania Hotel or what do you think ?. "
" Well just no problem, what time? .. "
" This time "
" Very clean, that is, you played like a scorpion, but remember with my fare. I don't know here in the city? Time money? .. "
" Hahaha ahahaha "Suzani mother burst into laughter after hearing the words of Dr. Luanda. Alipohitimisha his laughter and said" Shaka removed, you will be yourself "
" Well mother, want to start the journey "
"Even I am the one who is heading to my car to get there", concluded the conversation mother Suzani then hung up. The journey to the Mtanzania Hotel began, the intention was to end with Dr. Luanda before heading to the hospital to pick up his daughter whose condition had already stabilized.
About half an hour later he arrived, he found Dr. Luanda had arrived and so he grew up waiting for him alone.
"Waooh! You've arrived," said Suzani's mother as she slammed the door of her car.
"Aah mom? Me again? You know in people around the world who care about time we are the doctors. And this is due to how our work is supposed to do, because you can be told that there is a patient who needs surgery two hours and thirty minutes in the morning, so if you are late. you have no job because that is negligence
"It's absolutely true", supported mother Suzani. He soon fell silent thinking of how to start Dr. Luanda to understand him. Later the silence was broken after Suzani's mother asked Luanda to come in, Dr. Luanda agreed. They went in and sat down in places where there were people who seemed to be eating and drinking. The attendant came to listen to the two by handing them a receipt for the services available at the place. Everyone chose what they liked, while the waiter followed their needs while in the past the conversation continued. Mama Suzani told the Doctor that there was a job she wanted to give him.
"Work? Why do I already have it, again just a good job that gives me daily bread", said Dr. Luanda as he was shocked by the news of the job offer.
"Listen Doctor, I know that your job is good. But also this job I want to give you is not outside of your job"
"Tell me what job it is", said Dr. Luanda while listening carefully to mother Suzani's response. But before Suzani's mother could speak, the waiter presented the drinks where they only grew water. So Suzani's mother paid the bill and went on, "There is a patient at the hospital, a young man with a wide chest.
"What do you mean?", Exclaimed Dr. Luanda, the words of Suzani's mother shocked him greatly.
"Ease then Doctor, let apples", stressed mother Suzani while Dr. Luanda said "Yani I worked my treat, today you told me niuwe? No mother, truly am not willing to bear the burden of sin"
"Doctor, let kuniangusha master. Wasi what your concerns when there is enough money? I'll give you dauo nono "
" Hatakama, but am not willing to do what you have wanted ", he spoke with confidence Dr. Luanda.
"I will give you three hundred million", added Mama Suzani, but Dr. Luanda did not want to understand. He got up and left, throwing his hands like a rope in contempt of what Suzani's mother had said. Mama Suzani was very hurt, as she sat there she wondered what to do after Dr. Luanda denied her need. He took a deep breath and then got up and went to his car and started to go to the hospital to pick up his daughter who by that time had already been allowed to slowly take care of her wound at home.
As the night wore on, Dr. Luanda thought a lot about what he had been talking about to Suzani's mother. "Doctor, stop teasing me sir. What are you worried about when there is enough money? I will give you a fat dauo", Dr. Luanda recalled the words. "I will give you three hundred million".
"Three hundred million? ..", after much thought, he found himself asking himself the question in his soul while sleep with them sat aside the advice of the thoughts that grew swirling in his head at the time he sighed.
"Laah so much money I have refused, luck like this very rarely happens. Should I call him and tell him that I am ready? When I finish I know how I will deceive the mother who gave me eight lakhs. "Yes. This is one of life B's plan B," he thought and imagined Dr. Luanda, finally phoning mother Suzani who at that time was overwhelmed with thoughts, shaking her head at how to lose Nyogoso's madness. "Yes Dr.", replied mother Suzani after receiving a call. Dr. Luanda said emphatically "Mother, I have sat down and thought hard enough, I have decided to agree to do your job but the money you told me should not be less than a fortune". Dr. Luanda's words made Suzani's mother let out a wide smile, with a smile of joy she replied "Dr. Doctor ... Dr. Luanda, I have already told you that money is not a problem. To believe that, I'm adding eight hundred thousand right? .. "
"Okay mom"
"So hurry up tonight tonight inject poison"
"Aah, no. Send the load to my account first"
"Okay Doctor", agreed mother Suzani, half an hour the money went into Dr. Luanda's account since they already taxed everything they deserved.
"Already Doctor, so tomorrow call me to come and witness the corpse right? ..", after Suzani's mother deposited money in Dr. Luanda's account she called him and then insisted.
"Take away the doubt mom", replied Dr. Luanda and immediately began to prepare to follow Nyogoso hospital to finish work before the rooster crows.

Then Dr. Luanda went into his office, took a syringe and sucked the poison out of the smallest bottle, shaking it while flipping over to look at it. But when the doctor was getting ready to go and kill Nyogoso, the other side appeared Nyogoso and his mother out of the field. The whole way the two seemed to be happy with the commotion as it took its place, they talked about different goals about their lives. They planned this and cut it down, but suddenly their conversation went awry after Nyogoso's mother was bitten by a snake. The sound of screaming was heard, Nyogoso's mother complained at that moment Nyogoso was trying to save her mother's life by finding a tree with a rope to tie her to the place where she was bitten by a snake. He believed that doing so would slow down the poisoning. First aid. But when Nyogoso grew up making those efforts, behind him was seen another snake let alone the snake that had bitten his mother. The two snakes grew up on the ups and downs of the chase. The second snake pulled itself closer to Nyogoso to hurt him, but before he could reach it he heard the voice of Nyogoso's mother saying "Nyogoso my son run away, the snake is behind you", very quickly Nyogoso turned to look behind him, shocked to see the big snake following his mother's voice his urge to run away and before Nyogoso could make that decision he woke up. Yes! It grew into a dream, a dream in which his mother was bitten by a snake. but before he could reach her, the voice of Nyogoso's mother was heard saying "Nyogoso my son run away, the snake is behind you", very quickly Nyogoso turned to look behind him, he was shocked to see a big snake following him while his mother's voice insisted to run away and before Nyogoso made the decision he woke up in grief. Yes! It grew into a dream, a dream in which his mother was bitten by a snake. but before he could reach her, the voice of Nyogoso's mother was heard saying "Nyogoso my son run away, the snake is behind you", very quickly Nyogoso turned to look behind him, he was shocked to see a big snake following him while his mother's voice insisted to run away and before Nyogoso made the decision he woke up in grief. Yes! It grew into a dream, a dream in which his mother was bitten by a snake.
Her heart raced, she got up and sat up in bed and then wondered what the dream meant. But the answer was wrong and he finally found himself in tears as he referred to his late mother, while he was trying to apologize for what he had done to her if his eyes were also shining here and there looking at his cluttered package. Katu did not see it, an act that led him to get out of bed and then he stepped towards the door. "Nyogoso my son run away", as Nyogoso grew up at the door as he continued to search for his swarming package, the voice his mother heard in the dream echoed in her head. With his insanity, the voice worked for him. He felt that if he did not do what his mother told him to do then he would still be wrong. He ran and danced, but when he reached the gate of the hospital he was met by a guard from a guard. In a stern voice the guard asked him "Where are you going tonight? .."
"I'm leaving this place, the late mother told me to leave", replied Nyogoso madly as he opened the gate. The words made the guard stop looking at him even though his mind could not understand what Nyogoso was crazy about saying those words.
"Not this one will grow a ghost", said the guard within himself as he closed the gate while living to escort Nyogoso with his eyes. After insane Nyogoso managed to leave Mwananyamala hospital, he hid in a dilapidated room where he was admitted that night if at the same time Dr. Luanda was seen walking towards the ward where he was insane Nyogoso to complete the deal given to him by mother Suzani. Deal to kill mad Nyogoso, a young man who appeared to be a hindrance to his daughter. But also apart from the plot to kill Nyogoso, Luanda has already been offered a deal by mother Mazoea. The deal also grew to heal the same Nyogoso beloved daughter of his called Mazoea. The mother knew that when her daughter arrived at Nyogoso she could not, like kaoza. All the deals were great but Dr. Luanda looked at who got the big bet, it is Suzani's mother who in turn wanted Nyogoso killed. The mother beat up Mazoea's mother who wanted Nyogoso a speedy recovery so that her daughter could be in a state of happiness and peace.
"My God ...", shocked Dr. Luanda after entering the ward and not seeing Nyogoso. He did not want to believe what he saw, so he approached the bed and then shook the white sheets that had grown on the bed. Not only that, but he stooped to look in the mirror but did not see her. As a thin sweat began to come out of him, he took a deep breath from time to time at the same time slowly sitting on the bed he was lying mad Nyogoso and soon he leaned over while the whole painful thoughts ran through his head. Thinking he would tell them what those rich women had given him in a different deal. First, Mama Mazoea, who, after Nyogoso was taken to hospital when she was hit by a car, demanded bribes from her so that she could be treated immediately to save her life. Which did not cause him to doubt because the mother believed that Nyogoso's life was the happiness of her daughter and so she gave him the freedom to say how much money he wanted where without blinking he mentioned six hundred thousand shillings, money that mother Mazoea considered very small. He added two hundred thousand shillings, a total of eight hundred thousand shillings. He accepted the money with a smile and promised to fulfill his wishes.
Second, Dr. Luanda thought what he would tell Suzani's mother. The mother who gave him the deal to kill Nyogoso, because he did not want the boy to build a relationship with his daughter on the grounds that he would embarrass her, because Nyogoso is a person who does not have this or that. Hohe hahe. So Suzani's mother believed that if Suzani witnessed the insane corpse of Nyogoso, she could calm down and encourage him by telling him that it was God's ointment. But eventually the plot grows not a waste, crazy Nyogoso escapes the hospital in honor of the dream he had. He finds himself escaping death by being stabbed with a poisoned needle, and so he manages to get back on the streets.
"Doh! What am I going to tell you now so you can understand me? ..", wondered Dr. Luanda at the time remembering the last words he spoke to mother Mazoea by phone. "Okay, tomorrow I'll come. Please don't let him leave until I get there", the head ached Dr. Luanda not knowing what to do. And while she was still meditating, suddenly came to her head the last conversation she had with Suzani's mother.
"Already Doctor, so tomorrow call me to come and witness the same corpse? ..". The words of Suzani's mother echoed in her head twice. Dr. Luanda was even more tired! Breathing forcefully he continued to lower, meanwhile he reached into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone, quickly looked at his bank balance, wanting to know how much it was. With trembling hands he dialed the number very quickly. But before he could figure out the amount on his account, his phone rang, and his wife called him that night. "Mmh", grumbled Dr. Luanda then accepted. "Heloo", spoke Dr. Luanda in a gentle voice.
"My husband the police are out of the house right now", was heard his wife's voice answering him. "Police? .. What did I do wrong? When he called her to find out more, suddenly his wife's phone became unavailable.

Fear gripped Dr. Luanda after he received word that a police force had arrived at his home. He wondered what he had done wrong until the police came to his house again at night. In fact, the act terrified the Doctor, who was afraid to return home with thoughts flooding his head. Then he decided it would be best for him to go to the club and drink alcohol to calm the growing thoughts that had stuck in his head.
So appearing to be gentle and self-conscious, the Beast doctor stepped into his office. It didn't take them half an hour to sleep, he came out in his normal clothes and headed straight for his little Hilux, and before he could turn it on he leaned over the steering wheel thinking one way or another to figure out what had happened to him.
He took a deep breath, at the same time swinging the car keys. The car caught fire, the journey to the club was ripe where he went to a club called NIGHT CLUB. There are Sinza moli areas. A club that really grew up settled with good attention inside and out. Dr. Luanda saw it as a good place for him to calm down if not lose the mind he had grown up with.
He parked his car in a safe place, then got in while swinging the car keys around his index finger. Well! He found a good place to rest, and the attendant came to listen to him. "Please bring me four Kilimanjaro, and half a chicken," said Dr. Luanda.
Within minutes he ordered it delivered. And that's when he attacked the beers by drinking like water, while attacking the chicken like a man who overcame hunger for five days without eating. Satisfied, he became so drunk that he could not drive home. There he decided to rent a bedroom. That night Dr. Luanda slept in a guest house leaving his hometown and the family as a whole.

At dawn, at Mwananyamala Hospital. Just then the police arrived to question Dr. Luanda. Every employee at the animal hospital denied that Luanda had not yet reported to work.
"You sister, let's come here" one policeman was heard calling the nurse at the hospital. The nurse, whose name was Agnesi, responded to the call.
"Hold this card..this is my phone number. Please come here sir. Call me fixed! Okay? .." the policeman who called Agnesi said so emphatically telling Agnesi.
"These are the enemies of development, they must be controlled or nothing will happen," he added, adding that the police were on their way to the car when they arrived at the hospital.
Agnesi was shocked to hear the policeman's words, and at least two questions arose in her mind. Agnesi wondered "What crime are these policemen looking for Luanda? .. and why does he say people like these are enemies of development, that is to undermine the economy. Will Luanda accept bribes? .." Agnesi wondered, at the same time he added "mmh these are now woe ... but Yangoswe let's leave the scorpion. And if you marvel at Moses you will see it of the pharaoh ...
But when that happens at the hospital, the other side. Guest House Dr. Luanda was still asleep, relieved by the ringing of the phone. Very quickly he escaped from sleep. He pushed the sheets with his two legs, his body in a state of exhaustion, he glanced at the wall to look at the clock. "Khaaa at noon? .." Luanda wondered not believing if it was really right the moment he saw it. He took a deep breath, then looked at his phone which was always ringing. Luanda gently stretched out his hand to follow it, it filled his wrist and then he received .. "Doctor there is a patient brought here with the intention of undergoing it possible for that matter? .." asked the voice and then remained silent waiting for an answer. "Daah I do not know what to answer? .." Dr. Luanda wondered, he immediately replied. "Okay, In fact, today I have not been able to get to work because I have ... "Before Luanda could finish speaking. The voice from the phone answered him while he was nervous. Okay goodbye "the phone rang.
"Mmmh here there is work, you want everything in a hurry you miss everything", in a panic, Dr. Luanda said these words to himself as his whole body was sweating knowing full well his job was in trouble. He found himself blaming himself for indulging in greed. And all In all he went out into the inn, before he got into his car he wanted to buy water because he was very thirsty. When he reached into the pocket of his trousers, he was astonished to find himself penniless. Then he remembered that last night when he slept in the inn, he slept with a prostitute. "Maybe the sister stole the rest of my money, but no problem. Thank you for letting me have my phone. She's not hungry at all," said Doctor Luanda.
When he arrived, he had not even seen his family, his wife and one of his children. Suddenly his phone rang with a text message (sms) and very quickly he pulled the phone out of his pocket to see what the message was about. "Sorry bro .." so read the message. Luanda was shocked to see the pole. He wanted to call the person who sent him the message. But before he could do so another message came in. The same was read as the original message. And worse, the messages were sent by colleagues.
In fact, Dr. Luanda became more and more obsessed with not knowing what exactly he had found because the messages kept frightening him. Although he felt his job was growing grass, the police's knowledge also kept him warm. So with his hands down his back, he went inside. He immediately threw himself on the sofa with sweat all over his body.
His wife was shocked to see her husband return home earlier that day, unconsciously he said "Kulikoni La'azizi, why did you come home early today, it's not your norm. Then enough you seem not quite right. Eeh tell me then my husband" she sat on her husband's thighs with her hand stroking his chin. As soon as the doorbell rang, Luanda's wife went to open the door and met Agnesi's face. Agnes had brought a letter to Luanda about her dismissal.
So Luanda, when he saw Agnesi coming to his house, was shocked, as Agnesi and the doctor were enemies like water and fire. Agnesi. An act that hurt Agnesi so much that she reached the point of creating a bifu with Luanda.
"Agnesi, what have you done to my house? .." Luanda asked angrily after seeing Agnesi. But Agnes laughed sarcastically and then said to him "Luanda..Luanda ... Luanda..Four thief's last forty. he handed Luanda a letter and then left to continue with his duties while leaving Luanda to open the letter. When he read it he was shocked to see a letter about him being fired. He was bewitched, and even worse, the letter stated that he had to return any property that the government had given him, including his tourist car and house. "My husband, you know I don't understand at all" spoke his wife Luanda only after seeing her husband not right. So Luanda didn't want to say a word,
And when his wife, Dr. Luanda, grew up reading the letter, a police force stormed in, and Agnesi was wearing a police uniform. Agnesi, on the other hand, is a detective who pretends to be a nurse to find out what is happening at the hospital. The hospital which Dar es salaam as a whole leads in causing deaths that do not grow with front or back. ANIMAL HOSPITAL.
"Khaa, Agnesi !!? .." Luanda was surprised to see Agnesi in the police station. "Right there with your hands up" Dr. Luanda was awakened and then handcuffed. "Go ahead, you will express yourself forward", was heard another order saying ordering the savage Luanda Doctor who found himself in a state vessel.

While this was going on, on the other side, Mazoea's mother was seen in her car on her way to the hospital to inform her of Nyogoso's condition. At the same time, Suzani's mother's car was seen, and she was also heading to the hospital with the intention of going to look at Nyogoso's body, believing that Doctor Luanda had complied with her order.


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