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Blood began to be shed Kerspersky !. Kerspersky began to cry out loud. The pain was unparalleled now !.

"I'll say it ..!"
Daniel pretended not to hear.
The situation was very difficult for 

Kerspersky's hand was about to break. Now the tape reached the bone of the hand!
Daniel was a very cruel man. He did not feel sorry for her. He was just looking at Jamaa.

Now Daniel was satisfied. He untied the Kerspersky tape.
"You'll talk" He asked as he looked away.
"Yes brother" He replied in a sympathetic voice.
"What's your name?"
"Who sent you to kill?"

"What has happened to Mbeya"

Kerspersky explained everything about their Destruction Plan.
He also mentioned the people who sent Kigoma and Mara.
Daniel called the Kigoma and Mara Police chiefs. Make sure those people are arrested.
And he himself prepared to go to Iringa to stop the illegal scheme.

He took ten soldiers to the Post Office. For going to destroy the Plan of Destruction.

At 2pm they arrived in Iringa by plane. Ensuring that all weapons in the National Armed Forces are not stolen. They remain safe!

With the President's permission, Daniel and the ten soldiers entered the armory. With some soldiers remaining outside to patrol. They sat still waiting for anything to happen ...

In Mbeya City Salehe was awaiting reports of the destruction of the people he had sent.

Salehe planned that night to secure a massacre. Before the evening left for Makete to
conclude the annihilation, Salehe decided to leave the Great Destruction in Tanzania.

Salehe went to Mwanjelwa market. Hand sprayed with Proxine poison. Due to the large population of Mwanjelwa, Salehe came in contact with a large number of people. He made sure that every three minutes he applied Proxine. Within ten minutes, twenty people died a horrific death in the marketplace.

Police received a notice, while Police were speeding to Mwanjelwa in their vehicle. Salehe was kashatoka, he was the main bus stand in Mbeya. And he left the Destruction.
Police received reports of a new massacre at the main bus stand in Mbeya. The police were confused now. Police vehicles set fire to the stand. They went very fast, within five minutes the stand was full of Police.
At 6pm he found Salehe inside the Sokoine football stadium. Daniel burned too many football fans with Proxine poisoning.
Salehe destroyed!

The Mbeya Regional Police Commander phoned the country's Chief of Police.
He asked for help.
He asked Daniel to go to Mbeya to help.
As IJP Rondo finished speaking on the phone of the Mbeya Police Commander, Mara Regional Police Commander and Alipiga, twenty people were burnt to death with Proxine poison in Musoma market.
And he asked for help, he needed Daniel.

Suddenly a call from the Kigoma Regional Police Commander also came in, six fishermen had been killed by Proxine poisoning on the shores of Lake Tanganyika.
He asked Daniel to go to Kigoma.

Now the country was shaken!
Tanzania Police Chief, IJP Rondo was sweating!
He phoned Daniel, Daniel was unavailable!
IJP Rondo became even more confused! Suddenly, the Kigoma Regional Police Commander called again.
IJP Rondo just stared at the phone. He absolutely did not want to receive it. The phone rang until it rang.
The phone rang again, he was the Mara Regional Police Commander and he rang again.
IJP Rondo's eyes widened!
He picked up the phone and completely removed the battery. He sat on the sofa holding his hand!
He was about to go crazy!

Zwangendaba was sent to bring an end to Kigoma while Nduli was sent to bring an end to Mara. Salehe retained the Destruction in Mbeya. Each had ten bottles of Proxine. They were determined to bring about a third world war.
They were killing mercilessly!

In Kigoma, after Zwangendaba from the shores of Lake Tanganyika, he was now entering the field of Lake Tanganyika. There was a music show. He intended to go and kill there. He succeeded, more than twenty people were brutally killed by Proxine poisoning. After receiving news of the deaths again, the Police Commander telephoned IJP Rondo. Call not received. He tried calling again, the call was not found. The Kigoma regional commander was very confused.

Once again the situation was volatile. Nduli caused serious damage in the region. Nduli entered one of the bars, and within five minutes he made sure he touched everyone in the bar. After a while the whole bar remains bones and skulls.
Sixteen drunkards went to hell without skin!

At 2pm he found Salehe at the Mbeya carnival. The disco had already started that time. He climbed up to the DJ and opened three bottles of Proxine. He threw into the air the part where there were people playing disco. Ten minutes later there was a bad picture inside the Mbeya carnival.
Many people were killed by the poison!

At 4pm he found the Salehe men in the same room, inside the Green view hotel. Zwangendaba and Nduli returned, waiting for Kerspersky to begin their journey to Makete. Kerspersky was not available!
They waited until they were exhausted!

They decided to go to Makete without Kerspersky, a chartered plane landed in Iringa at 5:30 pm. They were twelve dangerous people !. They were ready for a fight. They were confident, with the destruction they inflicted on Mara, Mbeya and Kigoma they believed the protection was not too great for Makete.

They organized themselves well. They were equipped with all the necessary tools. They had enough weapons. They prepared seven trucks for carrying weapons. They parked in the wild.
Now they themselves were lurking in the main armory.

Four soldiers. Major Badi Bwino, Major Fuga Tindo, Major Kota Allen and Major Swalo Mbombwe, Zwangendaba. Nduli. There was Salehe along with five great sisters in a face-to-face fight, they were calling themselves, Dadaz killers.

The main armory was in Makete village. Very few people were aware of the presence of the warehouse in the village. The four soldiers revealed the existence of the warehouse. Reports penetrated Salehe. And he leaked them to Elder Makame.

Elder Makame was a very sly man. He was an urban kid. Reports of the existence of a major weapons depot in Iringa were very important to him. He saw it as an opportunity and decided to take advantage of it.

He was the one who spoke to the militants of the Somali terrorist group. And promised him a lot of money if they would send the weapons.
The plan also involved ministers. They were using the shadow of Mzee Makame.

A group of twelve people were now approaching the main weapons depot. A very important part of the Nation.

Daniel Mwaseba was well-organized with ten of his soldiers, sitting quietly in the barn, and the soldiers guarding the barn outside were twenty. In total there were thirty solid soldiers. They are ready to defend their Nation against this great injustice.

Now the dangerous group had only 100 meters to reach the warehouse.

Inside the barn the soldiers were sitting still, led by Daniel Mwaseba.
It was a huge warehouse, with all kinds of weapons.
Daniel Mwaseba was sitting right next to the door of the warehouse.
He was very calm.
Ready for anything!

Suddenly, the lights went out. The whole area around the barn was dark!
The blackout turned out to be a time of waiting for Daniel Mwaseba.
Time to fight!

The warehouse history had never been so dark since its inception.
There had never been a power outage.
They were using special electricity generated from solar energy.
So all the people realized that the electricity had not been cut off,
but the electricity had been cut off! A state of alert increased for those soldiers.
Now everyone was strong, holding their guns. Ready for anything.

Daniel Mwaseba, saw that now was not the time to stay inside, waiting for the enemies to come. He saw that it was time to go out and fight the enemy.
It was time to die,
or to recover!
Daniel signaled to the ten soldiers, and they all came out.
Find the enemy!

Outside it was pitch black. The armory was in the forest. The forest also exacerbated the darkness.
Now it was dangerous!
Danger of shooting themselves soldiers, if they are not careful.
Daniel Mwaseba ordered all the soldiers to return to the barn.
To reorganize.

Out there, Major Badi Bwino, was the one leading the operation on the enemy side.
Major Badi Bwino divided his squad into four groups, consisting of three to three.
The first group, led by Major Pages Allen, also included Nduli and a young woman, heading east to the warehouse.
The second group was led by Major Fuga Tindo, in this group were also Zwangendaba and one young woman, this group went to the west side of the warehouse.
The third group was led by Major Swalo Mbombwe, Salehe and one young woman. They remained stationary to provide assistance to any who needed assistance, whether west or east.
They were the guardians of their fellows.
And the last group was led by Major Badi Bwino himself, he was accompanied by two sisters. They were going to the place where the gate is. One hot guy did a good job.
He is the one who destroyed the electrical system in there.
Surely these people organized themselves so well!

Inside there was chaos. The soldiers were terrified!
Fear of being killed!
Fear of being killed!
They didn't know how many enemies were out there? Fear was also fueled by the darkness.
The soldiers were startled and terrified! Daniel knew that without him, he would fail in the operation. It was a very difficult time for Daniel, requiring Daniel Mwaseba's wisdom, prudence and intelligence.
Fear is a very bad thing in dangerous operations like this!

Daniel advised all thirty soldiers to remain armed in the barn, he alone went to fight in the dark, and the assassins who did not know their number, who did not know their number. The other soldiers agreed with Daniel. Daniel Mwaseba came out alone, refusing to let the soldiers out.

Outside, a group headed west of the barn. They came to the wall. The group was led by a very dangerous soldier, Major Fuga Tindo. The warehouse was surrounded by a very high wall, which was not easy for the average human to climb. But Fuga Tindo was not a normal human being like you. He leaned against the wall like a cat, quietly. Zwangendaba and the sister were amazed at Fuga Tindo's ability. Darkness was on his side Fuga. And the shaking of the soldiers in there was a great mistake. For there was no soldier guarding the wall. Fuga Tindo, was now in the broad field of the barn. He was slowly slowing down.
Without making any sound.

As for Daniel Mwaseba he decided to fight, now he assumed he was alone in the operation.
He swore in his heart, he must win, yes!
You must destroy the Destruction plan!

The sudden power outage shocked Daniel, he knew in any case that the person who had caused the power outage was in the barn.
Daniel Mwaseba now increased his focus, he did not trust anyone.
He walked slowly into the darkness and pushed himself into one corner, a corner that enabled him to see though with difficulty the whole wall in front of him.

To the east, Major Pages Allen and his men also reached the wall. Like Major Fuga Tindo, Major pages also climbed the wall.
Major Pages was now on the wall. Preparing for an internal descent.
It was too late!
One bullet landed in the head of Major Pages. He hurried back to where he came from.
Daniel Mwaseba's pistol did what he sent!
Nduli went fast when he fell Major Pages. They found him with a very serious wound on his head, blood gushing out! He was a ghost!

Daniel Mwaseba completely abandoned the shadow he had created. Now he was crawling to catch the silent shadow, it was the shadow of Major Fuga Tindo.
While Major Fuga was stomping on the walk, Daniel Mwaseba was stalking him while he was asleep!
It was especially dark inside the mule, It was used to feel more than the eyes.
Downstairs, Daniel Mwaseba pulled out his pistol with a silencer. He aimed his back at the shadow of Major Fuga Tindo. The sound of a silent fire landed on Major Fuga's spine. Daniel saw the shadow fall from the ground like a load!
Daniel managed to kill a second dangerous man that night.

Outside, Badi Bwino, the head of the operation, and two sisters approached the main gate of the warehouse. They were amazed at the silence of the place.

Inside the barn there was silence, as if there were no people.
Major Badi Bwino was very worried.
It was a terrifying silence!
They kept moving, each thinking his own.
Suddenly they were all stunned!
The gate to the main warehouse was open!
Now Major Badi Bwino and the two sisters increased their attention. They moved slowly, with great caution. It was not uncommon for the gate to be open, again at midnight!

Inside, Daniel Mwaseba returned to his watch. He was right there in the corner, with all his eyes on the gate. He deliberately opened the gate, aiming at any Shadow that would appear.
And really.
The shadow happened!
It took a lot of attention to be able to focus on that shadow, with such darkness, and distance and distance like that.
Such a person was present, Daniel Mwaseba.
Daniel Mwaseba had that ability.
He slowly pulled out his pistol.
He focused on the shadow. He opened it!
The bullet landed in the middle of the neck of one of the sisters who accompanied Major Badi Bwino.
The sister gave a soft grin.
He said goodbye to the world!

Out there it remained stunned. Major Badi Bwino did not understand which direction the bullet came from, the whole neck of the sister was covered in blood!
Major Badi Bwino and the Sister retreated.
Moving forward, it signaled the approaching death!

On the east side. After Major Pages was shot in the head, Nduli and the Sister were now returning to the gate. They were not able to climb the wall at all.
Now they came to the gate. It was dark but it didn't stop them from knowing if the gate was open, neither Nduli nor the Sister could see the Sister's corpse down there.
Both their hearts were filled with joy. Seeing the gate was open. Now in a hurry, Nduli and the sister were entering, through the gate.

To the west, the situation was tense. Zwangendaba and the other sister were waiting for any sign from outside on the outside from Major Fuga Tindo who was up the wall. They did not know what had happened to him, and how could they have known?
They waited unsuccessfully.
Now they felt there would be danger!
But they kept waiting, knowing that any time Major Fuga Tindo would return ....

At the gate the sister went ahead. Leaving Nduli about three steps behind him. The sister approached the gate in a very slow motion, holding a pistol in her right hand. Behind him being closely followed by Nduli.
Inside, Daniel Mwaseba crawled on his stomach and moved a little closer to the corner. Now he was behind a barrel of water. Being too quiet. Waiting to hear of any turmoil!
Waiting for any shadow to emerge and losing!
Now he saw the shadow enter through the gate.
He saw it with more emotion than the eyes.
The truth from the darkness was very difficult to see the shadow for sure. It was an emotional game that Daniel Mwaseba was his teacher.
Now Daniel Mwaseba raised his right hand with a pistol, focusing on the shadow he was seeing emotionally.
He fired a shot that pierced the sister's chest.
The sister went downstairs like a sack of sand.
Nduli stepped back quickly. Nduli was running now, back to where they were with Major Swalo Mbombwe.
He saw that going forward was a death knell for him.
Daniel Mwaseba now came out from behind the barrel. He was crawling towards the gate. With great caution.
Deep down Zwangendaba believed there was something wrong with Major Fuga.
For they stayed very long without any notice.
And they decided to go back. Go reorganize. When Zwangendaba returned, Daniel Mwaseba was leaving, now he decided to chase his enemies out.
There was silence in the barn. Thirty soldiers were silent, each praying his own prayer. Praying for Daniel Mwaseba to win so that they too can be saved.
They were strong soldiers, but they were afraid of death!
Out there, in the darkness there was a chase.
Daniel Mwaseba with one pistol in each hand was swinging on the west side of the warehouse.
He was careful with every step he took.
As Daniel was heading west of the warehouse, Zwangendaba and the Sister were coming east of the barn.
They were all shocked!
They were all very careful!
Where they left Major Swalo Mbombwe, there was a lot of stress.
Major Badi Bwino and the Sister returned unharmed, claiming to have lost another Sister.
And now Nduli was back in the race claiming Major Pages Allen and the other Sister had been killed!
The reports left Salehe's mouth open.
They did not believe you!
Nor did they expect it to happen!
Until now they did not know where Major Fuga Tindo and Zwangendaba are. Destruction is now destined to destroy themselves!
Now they reorganized their operation.
Led by the same, Major Badi Bwino.
"Now I see a" Plan A "has failed. Now we must use 'Plan B'. Now we are going together. Each of being patron to another.
That sniper coward,
Ama her!
All of them stood a semicircle 'Cow horn' And they went together, for new power now.
now they remain sixth, four were killed and pistols of Daniel, and two had not returned until now, farewell Zwangendaba.
in the Northwest, Daniel and depth Zwangendaba they came together now.
Daniel saw them coming, as usual, the feeling was what he was using, he hid behind a tree. Zwangendaba and the sister had not yet seen Daniel.
Zwangendaba and the Sister passed by the tree where Daniel was hiding. Daniel remained completely silent.
Kina Zwangendaba passed a few meters near the tree that Daniel had planted. The place was silent, like no other living being.
There was silence!
The cold of Iringa was rampant.
Kina Zwangendaba walked without giving any sign.
It was silent.
In a silent motion Zwangendaba approached the tree where Daniel was hiding. Now they were about three steps to the tree. Stepping slowly, glancing forward with great care, they passed it without realizing that their enemy was behind them very few steps.
Slowly Daniel turned around in the tree, and now he could see the shadows with difficulty.
He raised both his hands holding the pistol. He aimed it at the two shadows.
Daniel Mwaseba, fired two shots, simultaneously, which went parallel to landing on different parts of the body, to the two men.
As one bullet landed on Zwangendaba's back, another bullet flew over and landed on the sister's soft back. The force of the shot pushed the sister and knocked her forward about six steps. As the sister's body fell to the ground, her spirits soared!
Daniel Mwaseba once again succeeded in showing those evil enemies who he is in the world of tyrants!

****** The

group of six men, angry and determined to unite together, were approaching the gate. Now they were careful, they knew the impatient entry was to cut the death ticket!
They approached the gate completely. Major Badi Bwino gave the idea in a small but clear voice to everyone.
"The gate has been opened like a trap, let's not go through it. Let's find another way, to pass through the gate is to flee to death"
"Now where will we go Major?" Salehe asked in a low voice as well.
"Here we have to divide, three to go West of the warehouse, and three to go east of the warehouse. Each group should find a place to go there" Major Badi Bwino explained.
"Okay" they all responded.
Now they split up again, Major Badi Bwino, Salehe and one sister went east to the warehouse. Major Swalo Mbombwe, Nduli and one sister headed to the western side of the warehouse.
They were all scattered!
Those who were heading west were the ones who were going to meet the disaster, Daniel Mwaseba was on that side.
Major Mbombwe,
After killing the Zwangendaba men, Daniel climbed up the tree, now he could see into the barn. He kept quiet, waiting for them to come and kill them!
Kina Major Mbombwe reached the same level with the tree that Daniel Mwaseba planted.
"Now what are we doing here?" Major Mbombwe asked.
"We have to climb the wall" Nduli replied.
"Climbing up above is to expose the guards" Major Mbombwe replied.
"Now what do we do?" The sister asked.
"Nduli let's climb this tree and look at the situation inside"
Nduli climbed into the tree, to look inside. The same tree that Daniel Mwaseba planted!
Without thinking, Nduli began to climb the tree.
Up there on the tree, Daniel saw three shadows on the ground.
He saw them arguing, but he did not hear them arguing. He was sitting still up there. Hold his pistol in his hand. And the other pistol was around his waist.
Suddenly he saw one shadow rising up.
Daniel smiled!
He felt as if the shadow were following his death!
The shadow continued to rise.
Now it came to the middle of the tree.
Up there, Daniel held his pistol firmly in his hand.
He focused on the shadow of the Shadow. He took a deep breath. He fired the pistol. The bullet hit Nduli in his forehead! He fell to the ground like a ripe mango. Major Mbombwe and the sister went to where Nduli had fallen. He pulled out a small flashlight and lit it, they witnessed a very bad picture!
Nduli's brain was lying on the ground. It was nauseous to look at that raw brain lying on the ground!
Major Mbombwe also made a mistake. Lighting a flashlight there was a serious mistake. He thought Nduli had just fallen over a tree. He did not feel like he would be shot.
He quickly turned off his flashlight!
But Turning on the flashlight was a big mistake that Major Mbomwe made, and Daniel made the most of it. Now Daniel Mwaseba did not use emotion, he had completely seen his enemies.
His pistol coughed quickly twice. A cough transported Israel from where he was to Makete. Come to exorcise two people with a blow. Major Swalo Mbombwe and the Sister. They died in amazement, marveling at the raw brain accompanied by Nduli's blood.
To the east, Major Badi Bwino, Salehe and the Sister were struggling to climb the wall.
After a quarter of an hour they succeeded, albeit with great difficulty.
Now they were in a wide field heading for the warehouse.
They walked slowly, now they came to the door, to the door of the armory. Salehe was anxious to open the door, using the keys they had brought with them. The door was about to open .....
Daniel Mwaseba went back inside in the same slow motion. He went straight to the room responsible for generating electricity. He found the soldier talking on the phone.
He approached her slowly without making a sound, and struck one of the soldiers with a strong karate around his neck, a karate that sent the soldier down. The soldier could not stand Daniel Mwaseba's karate.
The soldier fainted!
In the depths of Salehe.
Suddenly, lightning flashed!
Major Badi Bwino, Salehe and the Sister were stunned, completely exhausted.
They were trembling!
They did not understand what had happened. Now they were in a bright light and did not know where the enemy was.
Their pistols were now just like toys in hand.
They didn't work.
Suddenly! The electricity went off again!
All three breathed heavily.
It was like a miracle!
It was like a dream!
It was dark!
The light came on!
It's back in the dark!
Returning to the darkness was like permission for Salehe to continue to open the door again. He opened it, shaking violently!
The gate opened!
Inside it was pitch dark!
Suddenly the light returned!
Daniel Mwaseba was playing a game for those people.
The second time you burned it was a very bad picture for Salehe, Major Swalo Mbombwe and the Sister.
They were in front of thirty soldiers holding guns firmly in their hands.
Thirty rifles aimed at Major Badi Bwino, Salehe and the Sister on their chests.
Kina Salehe was easily arrested!
Daniel came up behind them. Kina Salehe could not believe their eyes when they saw Daniel Mwaseba there.
Now they knew, the one who was shooting them one after the other was Daniel Mwaseba.
They all admitted,
Daniel Mwaseba was a very dangerous man!
Once again, Daniel managed to save the Nation of Tanzania from the evil tricks of the worst people!
Salehe and his group were arrested and transported by helicopter to Dar es Salaam the same night.
In Dar es salaam, Inspector General of Police, IJP John Rondo was fast asleep. After receiving phone calls from the commanders of the regions of Mara, Kigoma and Mbeya, and being given bad news of the killing of good citizens, he was very confused.
Not only did he decide to turn off the phone, he completely removed the battery itself from his phone.
IJP Rondo decided to go to the bar to drink beer to calm down.
He did not drink a few beers.
He hurriedly poured into his stomach a large amount of twenty-two beers.
He was very drunk!
He staggered over to his house and sat on the sofa. He turned on the television, never looked at anything, fell asleep in the living room, and the television spoke loudly. But he did not hear it.
While Daniel Mwaseba was fighting the killers in the forest, IJP Rondo was fast asleep in his home!
The phone call in the morning was what woke up IJP Rondo.
"Halloo chief"
"Hallo inspector"
"Come to the central police station if there is any big news" IJP was shocked, feeling that the killers had committed another serious incident.
"What's up Inspector?"
"Daniel Mwaseb .." The inspector did not finish speaking.
"Is he good for you?"
"He's not dead yet,

"Those who use Proxine poisoning kill!"
"Whaaaaaaaaat ?, I'm coming right."
Alcohol came from IJP John Rondo.
He went to the station.

While IJP Rondo was at the Central Police Station questioning the killers. Daniel Mwaseba was on his way to Arusha, for Abdul.
Daniel was very happy to save the weak young man from the mouth of the dangerous men.
He found Abdul, and Abdul was very grateful to Daniel.
"These congratulations also apply to you Abdul, you, Mayasa and Raiya deserve these compliments. You have succeeded in discovering a very dangerous conspiracy. Destruction would really destroy us! Imagine how the country would protect itself from its unarmed enemies. We would be slaves, we would suffer huge losses. Abdul, you are a hero. !
Mayasa, and Raiya are heroes. God awalaze better place in the female heroes! "
Abdul decided to postpone the academic year at college, and decided to return home Bagamoyo, resting his parents.
Aliongozana and Daniel to Bagamoyo.
Along the way Daniel remembered that he was in debt to Bagamoyo, the debt to repay Elder Washiro and his wife for the kindness they had shown him. He planned after sending Daniel home, he must go to Elder Washiro to fulfill his promise.
They arrived in Bagamoyo in the evening. Daniel and Abdul took a taxi to Abdul's house.
He did not know the way to Elder Washiro. He was brought in dead, and returned on a military plane.
As they approached the house Daniel remembered.
"Who are you called Abdul?"
"My name is Abdul Washiro"
Daniel was stunned.
"How are you brother Daniel?"
"Your parents are very good people, and they have a great role to play in making this operation a success."
"What have they done?"
"You'll know when we get there"
After arriving at Washiro's house both sides were very happy.
They did not depend on it at all.
Daniel helped Abdul unknowingly, and
Elder Washiro helped Daniel unknowingly.
Elder Washiro told Daniel about a deep-seated tribulation in his family.

After a month there was a small party in Bagamoyo, Daniel was handing old Washiro a nice modern house. He bought it as a tribute to the kindness shown to the family.
In front of the house was a large frame that Daniel planned to open for them at a large auto parts shop.
The party was very similar in the living room to the modern living room. Elder Washiro and the whole family were very grateful to Daniel.
Two hour defects. Daniel got a call. The call came from IJP Rondo urging him not to miss the news report.
At two o'clock, when it began, the news report silenced everyone in the living room.
"... three ministers, and five other people have been sentenced to death! The ministers, along with five other people ...."
They did not wait for the report to expire. All the people erupted in joy and hugged Daniel Mwaseba!
"You're a hero too Daniel!" Abdul Washiro said as tears welled up in his eyes.
Three ministers, Salehe, Major Badi Bwino, Kerspersky, the Sister, and an entire electrician, were sentenced to death by hanging!



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