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It was a quiet Monday. The day began with a torrential downpour of rain and lightning in Arusha City.

The heavy rains added to the cold, which made many people remember their jackets and put them on.

It was a very happy day for me. The day I was fulfilling the biggest dream of my life. I was selected to join the College of Human Medicine in Arusha.

I was very happy. Even the cold did not bother me at all. I did not feel at all. All my thoughts were on fulfilling this great dream in my life.

All first-year students were invited to the College auditorium for enrollment.

We were very many students. His wives. From different regions in Tanzania and come to the kitchen in Arusha to seek education.

After the initial identification, in the hall, it was time to queue for registration.

Everyone was vying for a place to sit in the front so that they wouldn't at least get too far in the queue. It was a real mess!

I sat in a plastic chair watching the violence. I had no doubt I knew as long as I was elected I would just be registered. After the mess calmed down and I went to join the queue.

I sat in a queue thinking about my educational journey when it happened. I thought about how hard I studied at Bagamoyo Secondary School. My parents were not able to teach me. So I had a hard time finding someone who had the heart to teach me. so that I can get across the small needs of the school.
Dad was a fisherman. But the money he earned was enough to feed the family. This was due to having a large family of twelve children. The mother used to do the same business. The father fishes, again with weak fishing gear and the mother sells them by walking them down the street.

Of all the twelve children of my father and mother. I was the only one who went to school. All the others did not even want to hear the word school. They did not see the importance of reading. they get enough.

Despite all these difficulties, I remembered how I had struggled in class to succeed and help my family who had fallen into poverty.

In fact, I was doing very well in school. I always believed that education was my savior. Education was the only weapon to keep the poor like me.

God does not cast off His servant! I managed to succeed and was required to join the sixth form studies. Although I knew the value of education but that's when I realized the value of money. But money and education were going hand in hand. .

First the fare from Bagamoyo to Mtwara was a test. There you did not count the fees as well as other school supplies. My dream of studying ended there. I felt I could no longer continue to study. Even my parents told me so!

Dad had a big responsibility to make sure the family ate. I had ten thousand shillings from my peanut business. Remember I was the biggest in this family. I had eleven brothers back, all looking after me.

But I did not give up. I believed that despair was the greatest sin in life. I remembered the words of my Kiswahili teacher when I was studying at Bagamoyo secondary school "Don't despair while you are still alive" Yes ... I did not give up. I swore I must study in any way.

I used to feel responsible for helping my parents. Helping my siblings.

"I must read!"

I felt I was slowly saying those words. It was not so heard by someone in front of me in the registration queue.

"You seem to be very thoughtful bro" The soft voice of the sister in front of me penetrated my ears.
"Why are you talking to yourself now?"
I did not answer.
"My name is Mayasa"
"My name is Abdul"
"We can see each other later in a different place than here"
"Of course"
We exchanged our phone numbers!

The registration exercise took five hours. Finally I was registered as a doctoral student at Arusha Medical College.

Becoming a doctor was my dream for many days. I knew the basics to become a doctor. I worked hard in those subjects. I worked hard in maths.

I remember getting an A in those three subjects at Bagamoyo Secondary School.

I was always talking to myself. "I am the only doctor who will be the savior of all the poor who suffer from

various ailments due to lack of money for medical treatment" After enrollment I went to the hostel to rest.

I remembered how I suffered when I was looking for money for fees as well as expenses to go to Ndanda Secondary School.

I went to ask the government but they did not understand me. I went to ask the Member of Parliament and he did not understand me. I did not get the fee, I did not get the fare.

It was still a week before the school reopened. And I started form five. Now my dream was starting to melt. I had no shortcut to take me to school.

"It is not allowed to despair in life while you are still alive" My teacher's statement echoed in my head.

"Now why do I allow myself to despair. While I am still alive. Again and in good health. It is impossible! I must go to Mtwara and study"

That night I got an idea. An idea that was blessed by my head. Yes!
I decided to go to Mtwara on foot. I had decided so. That night I put my things in order. In the morning I told my parents.

"Dad and mom I'm going to school today"
"Did you get a fee my son?" Mom asked me in her gentle voice.
"Now how are you going to school?" Dad asked me.
"on foot"
"Yes my parents. I have to go to Mtwara to study. And I have decided to go to Mtwara on foot!" I said with absolute certainty.
"Do you know Abdul, Mtwara?"
I said, "I do not know you, but I will come
." Mom told me in her gentle voice.
"I have closed everything I have. It remains to say goodbye to you and my brothers. I agree Mtwara is far away. But without education our journey to success is far from over. Our home. And the only thing that can eradicate this poverty is in Mtwara. I have to go to Mtwara "
"Okay you will go to Mtwara on foot. Where will you pay the fee?" Dad threw a tantrum at me.
I thought for a moment and replied.
"I'll find out right there. But I have to get to Mtwara first. Other things will be answered right there."
My parents had no choice. They let me go to Mtwara.
My mother was crying for mercy. My father was also kind to me. I was brave and strong in my position. I was determined to go to school anyway!

Dad called all my relatives. He told them about my trip to school in Mtwara again on foot.

All my brothers and sisters were very sad.

I started my journey from Bagamoyo to Mtwara with twenty thousand. I left the whole family in deep sorrow. I did not try. I did not regret it. I decided to go to study.

In the middle of my thoughts my phone rang. I looked in the mirror of my phone, it was Mayasa!
I received it and started listening to him ..!

To Abdul Ramadhani. May God bless you in a good place in paradise. Amen.

"Mambo Abdul"
"Safe Mayasa, tell me"
"I'm just here, I had one request Abdul"
I'm listening to you "
" May we all be together for dinner tonight "
" No problem, where? "
"Let's meet at Tengeru hotel at 2pm."

When he told me about the dinner.

I met him by accident on the day I left Bagamoyo for Mtwara on foot. That day I actually walked on foot from Bagamoyo to Dar es Salaam. When I reached Mwenge I met Raiya selling a phone shop at Mwenge stand.

"Mambo Abdul"
"Clean Citizens of the Day?"
"Good, how come with the bag where are you going?"
"Mtwara will get the right car. This seven o'clock Abdul?"
"I'm going on foot"
"Feet? !!!"
"Yes Raiya"

I told Raiya everything about my life. When I finally arrived I found her face unattractive. She was wet with tears. She felt sorry for me and promised to help me.

"Let me give you this money and rest at the Hotel. Then tomorrow I will transport you to Mtwara. And the fee money I will give you"
"Thank you very much Raiya that is I do not know how to thank you my sister."
"In the evening if I close here I will call you for dinner"
"I do not have a phone Raiya '
He gave me one new phone in the shop and handed it to me. That day I saw God man Raiya. thanked him very much.

sitting on the bed. I took out the phone that Raiya had given me and charged it.

The diva hotel was a beautiful modern and affordable hotel in Kijitonyama. It had everything inside. For me It was my first time sleeping in a big hotel like that. That day was one of the happiest days of my life. it was going to be fulfilled. Again it is being fulfilled by someone I did not trust at all. Really do not despise anyone in the world.

At one o'clock we met Raiya at the Diva hotel. There was a nice modern restaurant in front of the hotel. We stayed and had dinner.

While we were eating we talked a lot about Raiya. She told me a lot about her life. At the moment Raiya was a man's wife. She told me about the suffering she was experiencing from her husband. He also did not give her the right to marry.

I was left stunned. But you can see someone driving a Prado in the city. You saw him in prison. But in his heart he was bursting into tears as he drove the Prado.

"Now Abdul I will give you the money"
"I will be very grateful that is my sister"
"But on one condition"
"I am ready to follow any condition Raiya"
"Truly I tell you"
"I will give you five hundred thousand shillings today. And I will be spending it on you whenever you need it. But please let us go to the room and satisfy you Abdul. Give me relief of my heart.
And we will be doing it whenever I need it!
I was so moved ..!

I was stunned. At first I did not expect to get such great help from Raiya. It was a great help that came when I needed it.

The problem came in her condition. The citizen wanted to have sex with me. It was a very difficult condition for me. I really wanted money but to have sex with Raiya again someone's wife I didn't want at all!

"Do you understand me Abdul ?.
" I understand Raiya, but you are someone's wife "
"So you
will not do justice to your husband
." Raiya spoke while showing me a large sum of money.
"If you don't want money go to Mtwara"

I was in a very difficult time making decisions in my life. I found myself agreeing to have sex with Raiya not out of love but out of love for reading. I decided to use my body for the benefit of my future life. six inside Diva hotel!

I was shocked and looked at my watch. I remembered I had an appointment with Mayasa at 2pm Tengeru. And now It was one full hour. I got ready for the job to go and fulfill that promise. I blew perfume. I went to Tengeru hotel.

I arrived at the hotel at two and a half minutes. I found Mayasa upset. Mayasa greeted me with great joy.
We sat with Mayasa talking about various things until four o'clock at night. That's when Mayasa wanted to know why I had thoughts and talked to myself.

"Why do you seem so thoughtful?"
"I'm fine Mayasa"
"You're not right Abdul,
"Actually I have problems Yasa, but will seek a right part been friends kueleza.Wewe me now I've got to tell you"
"I would like that very much, what part do you think would be good for you"
"Wherever shall be dormant over here?"
"Well tomorrow evening will kupigia.Tutaenda Moshi.Kule there is one very nice garden for conversation "
" Okay Mayasa "
We rented a taxi at Tengeru which took us back to Arusha city. He dropped me off at the College hostels, and he headed for them.

The next day we went to Moshi and Mayasa. Paradise garden was where he took me. It was a quiet place. With beautiful flowers and a few leaves planted with great skill. There were tables set apart.
We chose one table.

I told Mayasa my history from Bagamoyo. All the difficulties I went through in reading. I told him how I met Raiya. And the sex contract I entered into with Raiya.

Now I was a slave of Raiya. Give love to Raiya whenever he feels like it, and he will take care of me in all my troubles.

"Actually I did not like Raiya. I did not like the sex deal . I hated it very much. But I did not know how Mayasa I wanted to study. I had to do what Raiya wanted.
sixth for being taught by Raiya under a sex contract.

When the sixth form results came out I did well. A biology B physics and B maths. I was selected to study medicine. At the Medical College here in Arusha. That's where yesterday I met you. "

" Daah sorry Abdul. Now you have to plan what Abdul? "

" I wish to withdraw from the bondage o.Lakini its how my Mayasa.Elimu inamtegemea my Raiya.Maisha dependent Raiya.Nitakapomaliza College and get a job then I've sloughed utumwa..utumwa will as you called it. "
" I want I can help you Abdul unconditionally .My inner conscience I have decided to help you. I love your quest for education.
"I was very grateful to Mayasa. I saw her as a woman with a very strange heart. We parted ways while renting a car that took us back to Arusha.

Now I moved to a new empire.

It was Wednesday evening. I was with Mayasa studying in class. My phone rang. He was a citizen.

"You are arrogant. I taught you. Greetings Raiya shone on the phone. I did not answer . I
hung up the phone and turned it off completely.
The desire to read exhausted me. Mayasa heard everything Raiya said. Raiya was scolding me like a child and strongly. Then Mayasa and I were very close. He felt very sorry for me.

I got to bed and lay on my back. I thought about the future of my life. I saw myself as a man of error.

I did not believe that Raiya could come.
I blamed my poverty. I blamed my parents' poverty. The tears came slowly.

I felt a soft hand wipe away my tears. I opened my eyes and looked at him. He was Mayasa ..!

"Stop crying Abdul. I am willing to help you in any way my brother. I believe we will pass this test. We will defeat Raiya. I will not allow you to cry again."
Mayasa was very nice to me that day. I finally understood him. I kept quiet.

It's been a week since Raiya gave me his threats. He didn't come from Arusha and he didn't call me. I knew he was probably disappointed. I was living my life as usual. Happiness returned to me.

On the class side I was doing very well in my studies. I had a very good understanding. Mayasa was not very good in class. I tried to help him whenever I got the chance. .We were together all the time. We studied together. We were like a ring and a ring.

Every weekend we would go out of Arusha to walk with Mayasa. I remember one Saturday we met Same and Mayasa. Now we were close friends. I knew a lot about Mayasa.

Mayasa's father was Ambassador Ally Hamisi. Vice President of Zanzibar. His father was a very big man in the Government but not one day did he speak to me in his mouth. I only heard from outsiders.

I remember that day we went back to college at 6pm from Same. It was a short distance from Arusha City. Mayasa first took me back to the hostel so that he could return to them. We went to Same with his car that day.

When I got close to my room outside I met Justus. The young man we were staying in the same room at the hostel. And he was my friend too.

"Daah you better go back Abdul there's your guest inside"
"I don't know, but he's come a long time ago"
"Okay brother"

We went inside with Mayasa. We weren't worried at all. When we opened the door and went inside we saw a girl lying on my bed. I was shocked!
When I looked at him intently, he was a Raiya! I was even more shocked now!

"My name is Raiya Mohamedi" He spoke while looking at Mayasa.
"My name is Mayasa Ally" Mayasa replied confidently.
"You're the one who pretends to know how to walk with men's men?"
"Say what brought you here"
"What brought me is what I
'm talking about "Don't see the floats sister ......"

"You betrayed me because of this cartoon.
I kept quiet and looked at him.
Raiya spoke little yaliyoniingia words.
With its several flaws but Raiya was invaluable in my life until I came now.
" Now pick one or Abdul.Utakuwa me this? "Raiya he calmed down now, he was speaking softly.
I remained at the crossroads Raiya and Mayasa both had a great contribution in my life. And they all look at me waiting for my answer.

"Mayasa is not my lover" I knew I had spoken aloud but the voice did not come out. you just tremble.

"Choose Abdul"
"Choose what, I Abdul is not my lover"
"Who are you now?"
"Just my friend"
"Hahaha love always starts with friendship,
OK friends. So I'm Abdul's wife. I say please break up that friendship completely. I don't want to, I don't even want to hear it.
"Raiya are you Abdul's wife?"
"That's the answer to the question"
"Are you sure Raiya?"
"And Salehe what do you call Raiya?"

The question that Mayasa asked was very shocking to Raiya!

The question he asked Mayasa shocked Raiya ..!
The situation now changed for the mule inside!

"I'm Mayasa Ally Hamisi, do you remember me?

Your husband is the brother Saleh yangu.Mtoto limited Fatma.Au call her mother as kakuacha nimuulize Saleh? "
Yasa talked seeking Saleh numbers in his phone.

Raiya now he was tired hoi.Hajui what to say, what kabisa.Ghafla who che.Alikosa statement came from out of the hostel in a fury like a rocket, without a farewell!

I noticed one thing about Mayasa.Mayasa girl was privy sana.Alinificha title of his father until now.

Also, whom he had hid as Raiya is wifi him, he told me to look to Malawi to kabla.Nilianza an eye for fear of him now.

"Don't worry Mate. Raiya is my wifi but she didn't know me. We met Raiya just one day. Again on her wedding day with brother Salehe. Even you told me the story of your life. When you mentioned Raiya's name I didn't know Raiya my wifi, I never thought.
Today what I saw here is what I remember ".
Mayasa answered me something I was thinking about.
"Okay mate I understand you"

We went out and looked at where Raiya had gone? We didn't see him. We didn't know where he was going? He melted like a wind!
Later Mayasa said goodbye to me and left while I was left with a lot of thoughts.

I fell asleep with my thoughts. But due to the exhaustion from Same and combined with the thoughts that Raiya brought to me was what really exhausted me, I fell asleep.

At ten o'clock at night my phone rang and I set up a voice message for a text message.

'You have provoked me to fire. I was very cruel in the past. If you do not want me to go back to my old habits I beg you to stop the cartoon. I will kill you, I will kill you too! I give you three days to think about this. I am still in Arusha.

mean! " Sweat was pouring down my face like water. I sent the message to Mayasa. He did not answer me! He did not answer me until today!

Early in the morning four strangers came. They were accompanied by a hostel leader, a student counselor, and the president of the college.

"We are soldiers at the Arusha Central Police Station. You need a police station for a little interview."
"What have I done, man?"
"You will know the kohuko center!

One soldier was raising me up from behind my pants and sent kituoni.Nilikuwa I visit toes sasa.Wanafunzi colleagues have obtained very sympathetic at college.
I did not know I did? They did not know what have I done?

After arriving at the station when I told my fault.
Supposedly I was accused of killing Mayasa!
And my threatening message about him was found on his phone. And it served as evidence!
I was so moved! I cried a lot!
I saw the end of my dreams come true. I knew I would end up in jail. I was put in a cell waiting for the evidence to be completed.

Inside the cell I thought a lot of things. I immediately knew that if Mayasa had really been killed then Raiya was the main culprit in Mayasa's death.

Afande, formerly known as John, was given the task of investigating the death of the son of the Vice President of Zanzibar, Mayasa.

Afande John began questioning me first. The first suspect in the murder.

"What's your name?"
"Three names !!"
"Abdul Ramadhani Washiro"
"Tell me your relationship with Mayasa"
"You haven't had a romantic relationship"
"No, he was just my best friend"
"Now why did you decide to kill your friend?"
"I did not kill him."
"Read this message"
"He sent me Raiya, I only helped Mayasa."
"Who is the citizen?"

I told Afande John everything about our quarrel with Raiya.

Afande john managed to get to the house of his sister Raiya.
After showing him the Police ID, Raiya was shocked.

"Damn, You're the third soldier to come and question me today!"
"Did the other soldiers come here ?!
Did they have IDs?"
"Yes they showed me"
"Do you
remember their names" "I remember very well because their names are the same"
"What are they called?"
"They're all called John"
Afande John felt dizzy and strange noises in his ears. It was a very shocking news!

"I'll have to interview you at the station"
Afande John saw there was no safe place to do the interview.

They accompanied Raiya towards the station ....!

They accompanied Raiya towards the station ..!

It was not very far from the house where Raiya was staying to the Arusha Central Police Station.

"Citizens let me tell you well about those soldiers who came to question you."
"Yes as I told you Afande. Two soldiers came to question me. One came in the morning and the other came shortly before you came. And they all wanted my information about Mayasa's death and my relationship with Mayasa and Abdul."
"What did you answer?"
"I did not answer the first one. Because he left me in a state of shock after telling me that Mayasa was dead. I could not believe that Mayasa was dead. I was just crying at everything he was asking me
"The one who found me calm now. I told him everything about our quarrel with me, Mayasa and Abdul."
"What did he say after your explanation"
"He wrote in his book and left"
Afande John took a deep breath .He knew the dance was now heavy!

He closed the cell for Raiya and went outside to meditate. He sat down under a tall mango tree outside the station.
His phone was ringing. The number was strange. It was just a number. He received it and put it in his ear.

"Hello who's my partner?"
"You don't need to know my name. Importantly stop investigating the case you will be killed for free. Do you want to keep your wife prescribed?"
"Don't scare me boy"
"I'll kill you!"
"You are not that arrogant"
"You are arrogant"
"I will catch all the cowardly killers! '
"You are going to catch us in hell."

Afande John felt he had jumped on something in the water. He touched it with his right hand. He touched the water. The sound on the phone started to laugh.
Suddenly Afande John's skin began to cross. He died a slow death. He died the same death as Mayasa!
Now it was a standstill. The police killings were killed outside the station. It sparked a lot of things.

The Mayasa massacre shook the city of Arusha. Arusha was turned inside out in search of the killer or killers. They found no rumors.

Mayasa was the eldest son in the government. The government sent three smart spies. Come to Arusha to look for the killer!

Five spies came. And each one was skinned for the day. They were killed by the same water that killed Mayasa.

One was found dead in his hotel room, asleep. The skin if separated from his body!

Two were found dead in his car. The same type of death that killed his colleague.

The last one was killed in a restaurant. While eating dinner.

Five days was enough to skin the three spies. They were killed in the same water. They killed the son of the vice president. The same water that killed Afande John!

The situation is now terrible!

"Inside the cell my condition was very bad. The police had not beaten me at all. But I was exhausted. I was physically exhausted. I was mentally exhausted. Mayasa's

death really hurt my head. she was an angel to me. Mayasa was a very special spirit woman. She helped me unconditionally. I remembered her every minute.

Now I hated Raiya very much. Hatred for Raiya started slowly. Now it had taken root. I saw him as my number one enemy in the world. The enemy by killing Mayasa. A friend who truly loves me.

My parents did not know if I was in prison. And I did not want to tell them, because even if I told them it would not help, because no one would come. They would not have the fare to come to Arusha.

While I was thinking about this, the gate of the gate opened. One of the female soldiers entered. He had a sad face. He came to give me the bad news of death. The news of Afande John's death!

"Does that mean Raiya killed him and Afande John?"
"I don't think Raiya is involved. Afande John has died while Raiya is in a cell"
"You say!
"That's right Abdul, let's tell someone else you feel could be behind this murder Abdul?"
"I didn't know Afande I really don't know anything Afande" I said with tears streaming down my face.

I was returned to my cell after a brief interview with the female soldier.

Now I saw the seriousness and difficulty of this case that was facing me. I decided to tell my parents in Bagamoyo by phone. I did not know how now. I needed the wisdom of the elders.
*********** "" *****

I desperately needed the wisdom of the elders. I desperately needed God's providence.
To survive this terrible tragedy ..!

I asked the soldiers to give me a call so that I could call my parents. I would inform them of my arrest.
They let me.

I told my biological father, Mzee Washiro about my arrest by the Police and the murder charges against me. He was very sad father. For the first time I heard my father crying. Again on the phone. I was very upset.

I was his first child out of ten children. I was the living hope of my family. The most educated child in my family.

The news of my accusation of a murder case, for my father was like a sudden extinguishing of a candle just hanging on in the dark. Despite all that he promised me something. He promised me he must come to Arusha as soon as he gets the money.

I knew he would not be coming to Arusha soon. And he probably would not come at all. And I could spend the night in jail in Arusha without seeing any of my relatives. We were very poor at home.

As for the Arusha Police, it was a riot in the city. They searched for the unscrupulous hackers without success.

Two weeks later the murder took place !. This time in Mwanza City.


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