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MJ MOTEL, That's what read the sign on the open building. The building is divided into two parts, the first part being a restaurant, where people get a variety of food. In the second part, a small garage has been set up, with private car repairs being done in the area. It is a particularly well-designed area.

The creativity and quality of services available in the area, is what attracted young Patrick and his close friend Harrison. They had their car repaired, and they decided to have lunch at all. The food was accompanied by a low-key conversation that drew them in, so much so that they did not feel the presence of a large television in front of them.
Patrick, seen as the leader of the talks, presided over the session. With Harrison left to respond only. He did not ignore her! Oh no !, but he spoke tiredly, the conversation was still not over, he decided to leave it to Patrick, or Patty, as he used to call him.
Let go of the neatness of the clothes they wear, the expensive foods they ordered; they reflect the 'jayyid' state of the economy they had.
"I can't figure out what to do Patty, I lost the game!" Harrison complained, frowned at his brown face, and finished by giggling the 'glass' of the drink they had ordered.
"You haven't lost anything my friend, trust me!" Patrick gave a small smile, accompanied by a cheerful look.
"How do you advise me? Nibet again?" Harrison asked, his eyes fixed on Patrick's face, waiting for an answer. He trusts his friend very much - Whatever they discuss is carried out.
"Noop! For now stop first. There's something…" http://deusdeditmahunda.blogspot.com/
"How are you bosses? Our car is ready. If you don't mind, I'd ask for the keys so I could move it to the right place!" Before Patrick could finish what he was saying, the conversation was interrupted by a young man wearing a red T-shirt, backed up by the words MJ MOTEL, in white.
Harrison didn't answer anything, he handed her the keys. It was not the first time he had visited the area, he trusted the staff. They didn’t have long arms for customers, nor careless, retail responses.

After being given the keys,
Contrary to his expectations, Harrison hoped as soon as he handed over the keys, Patrick would go ahead and talk. Instead, silence continued to reign. Then he had to turn to her ...
"Oy Patty! Patty! You Patty! You!"
"Enh! Well, you say?" Patrick jumped up, rendering him asleep. All the while, from the moment the boy came, until he left, he stared at her intently.
"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Patrick cheered as he tapped the table in front of them.
"Why are you confusing me Patrick? I don't understand my brother." Harrison was trapped by a sudden riddle.
"You can't understand me Harry! Unless you understand me, I promise you will be the richest number one in the country!"
"Hahahah! Let's stop your business sir. Make us leave so…." Harrison felt Patrick start his business, it is common for them to flirt. But they spoke the speakers; Not every day is Sunday. Today Patrick was referring to, he held Harrison's hand…
"Let's stay Harrison! Have you seen the boy?" Patrick asked.
"Which one?", Harrison asked, pulling his chair back a little and sitting down again.
"This one came to pick up the keys."
"What to do?" Harrison still did not understand what he meant by Patrick.
"Well! You know what Harrison, age by now you're gone! We have to use another plan," Patrick replied.
"What plan?" Harrison asked, increasingly paying attention to what he needed to be told.
"We have to use it! There is no game we will lose. I certainly tell you."
"How can we use him?" Harrison questioned, not understanding Patrick until now - what he wanted to talk about.
"Have you seen his appearance? What color is he? Let's check that body! Listen Harrison, leave this job to Me. I'll give you the answers."

Harrison agreed, he trusts Patrick very much, I feel more than anyone else in the world. And this is due to the gambling of pornography they play together.

Don't be surprised! Yes, it is gambling of pornography. Do not use too much force to understand. Don't worry, I'll tell you all.

After leaving, they passed their car. Unlike they came, this time Patrick stayed right there in the restaurant, they didn't all leave. He went in search of the young man they had seen.

It was a "search and see" that lasted for about a quarter of an hour, without success. The decision he made was to try to ask him. Suddenly he was entered but, how could he find someone who did not know his name or family? He thought, he thought, he got the answer.

"How are you brother?" He followed one of the workers, who seemed preoccupied with what he was doing. So much for answering Patrick without looking at him ...


"Sorry brother, someone is looking for me!" Patrick went straight to his predicament.

A brief silence reigned, Patrick waiting to be asked "who?"
Patrick understood that, he explained earlier before being asked…

"It's some kind of relative, a little tall, black but not very much. The problem is, I don't know his name."

"I don't know him, he's called that ABUU. We're used to calling him THEIR SUGAR!" The relative already knew him, the person Patrick is asking.

"Hahahaha! Their sugar?" Patrick joked as he introduced the question, a question that carried a drop of observation. He wanted to be sure, "THEIR SUGAR" means the same thing he knows either?

"Yes! Most of the female clients who come here, most of them - STOP her number when they see her." The relative opened everything.
"Yes! This is the person I'm looking for Aisee!" Patrick said to himself, the light of success in what he was seeking began to shine in him. His calculations have already provided answers, even without being included in the calculator.

"Hahahahah! That's very dangerous. How, can I find him right now?" Patrick laughed a little, then asked.

"Daah! He's gone, his working hours are over,"

"Anhaa! Are you coming in here in turn ?, so what time is it tomorrow, which is likely to find him?"

"Anytime, from two o'clock in the morning until eight o'clock boss!"

"At eight o'clock in the afternoon?"


"Thank you very much my brother, this you will get a little soda," Patrick thanked him, giving 10,000 shillings to the relative. And he didn't want to bring a ring, to find things on the brink, sadly; start torturing the neck. He accepted the money and thanked her as well.

Patrick left, continuing with his daily routine. The main target as he directs it the next day. Get Abu or THEIR SUGAR, As he got the original identity.

*** It was
dawn then dawn again.
It's five o'clock in the morning, inside the MJ MOTEL.
ABUU, a smart young man in a dress, handsome in shape and shape "mumtazi". he was in the business of moving cars, after undergoing technical services.

Abuu is a young scholar, with his degree in English and Swahili teaching. The hardships of life and the endless unemployment, he did not want to stay on the street at all, he stopped waiting for him to come to teach, cars and began to learn to drive.

He learned to drive within three months, in addition to mastering the language skills he acquired, and quickly got a job soon after submitting his CV to the company, which manages MJ MOTEL.

The job he got here, is to arrange the cars in good order when they are properly serviced. It is an easy task, but it is difficult for most of the cars coming to this area.
That's Abu in short, you'll get to know him better in the future.

"Brother, there's your guest!" As Abu continued his activities, he was brought this notice.

"How many times should I tell you but? Tell them I'm not! It's this, SII-POOO !," Abuu replied with an emphasis, showing the position of what he was talking about.

"It's not a woman! It's a man," the informant added.

When he heard this, he calmed down a bit.

He does not want to hear at all about the female stranger. When many of them come, they do not want to be with him in a relationship, there are those who seduce him, there are those who bribe him and some who wish to at least take pictures with him. Abuu is a good boy aisee, if I tell you good, I mean good !.
It's not that no girl is attracted to him, among those who hunt him down. No! They are like an influx.
The problem is the dirty history of Abu in his life, dirty !.
Three years ago he had been in a relationship.
With the exception of Sharkhur Khan and Kajol, theirs was the best relationship ever to occur on this planet.

Abu loved Diamond, Diamond loved Abu. Diamond is a wealthy girl, whose father was Tanzania's ambassador to Turkey, fell into the abyss of love with the energetic son Abu.

Love, loyalty and goals. And it came to pass, when they had made an end of speaking, that they said, Eventually, the Creator provided her, and in her womb the baby was replaced.

All of this is happening, father man at the Embassy, ​​he does not know Moses or Pharaoh. The wise sayings…
"The only way to make something unknown in this world, is not to do it!". The news reached him in Turkey.

Who wants his daughter to be played with? Who wants their daughter to get pregnant by a poor boy? Who is it?. It was nothing but a greeting of punishment sent to Abu, and it reached him.

The young men were sent out and raided their homes at night. When he lived alone with his mother, after his father died before Abu was born.
They did not leave anyone! They beat him and his mother, they were neither merciful nor wise. And the warning above they left ...
"See this Diamond as a Stupid Leprosy!".

Heart disease, more than physical. His mother was in great pain, his whole body was paralyzed, Diamond lost contact with him, he felt the whole world was mocking him, HE WOULD NEVER AGAIN curse himself.

"How many tables are there?"

"Table number 32, wearing some blue and white cadet, a little short. He just ordered Water," the young man who brought the information, gave it in full and left.

Not needing to delay Time, he straightened up and responded to the call of a stranger.
After a long conversation, he returned! He was in a pool of thoughts, it didn't go to any work that day. He never left, even before the time came.

While in the daladala, his conversation with his client, came back to haunt him. He had talked to Patrick…

"You get paid five lakhs a month? Then we'll pay you one million a week. And that's just the beginning!" a great reward for that, today he got it. That's his performance now!

He kept repeating Patrick's words in his head….
"The work itself only convenient, it GET PICTURE handed the girl will kayekuagiza us. Apart from salary of the week, all you have completed one task, you'll get 15 million,"

Well, that's GAMBLER PICTURE vacuum dear reader, I promise I will explain. Let me do it…

It is a gamble unknown to most people in the world, you may not even know it, but it is one of the most lucrative illegal in the world. It is this; Two traders, betting on each other. One of them recommends a girl. Again he is chosen the one who has his dignity and courtesy in society. Then, the game days are set for completion.
Whoever finds the picture of the girl naked, will carry all the money! Save on conditions.

The picture should not be edited, the girl in the picture should not be tied. He appears to be taking the picture of his own free will and wishes.
And that's why, many of them form relationships with these girls, and in a short time they lure them into having sex with them, while making sure the picture of the girl being naked, is available. That's NUDE PICTURES BETTING, the world's most lucrative illegal gambling game.

Until nightfall, Abu was still in a sea of ​​decisions, accepting or rejecting. He thought so much! He could not even eat that day.

Slowly, he pulled the gesture out of his pants pocket, a few words from Patrick came back…

"This business card, if you make any decisions. Please call me tonight, if I find you silent until tomorrow, I will not look for you again!"

He stared at the card, pulling out his cell phone. He started copying the number. If he had not finished, he felt a voice telling him;
"Stop that kind of shit, Abu!", He quickly wiped it off, put the card back in his pocket, and threw his phone on the bed.
He got up, took off his shirt from the intense heat he began to feel in it, went out and went to the next room. There he found his mother asleep, all day long his mother was asleep. Paralyzed! He has nothing to do with it.
"Listen, You have to do that. Once you reach 50 million to send a mother to India, you are giving up," she said. Another voice, a negative influence, penetrated his brain.

He found himself returning to his room, pulled out a card from his pocket and began to copy the numbers once more.
As he realized it arrives; voluntary and mukhtari are both on his shoulders.
But he did not know that, he wanted to worship in a satanic palace. He didn't realize it!
"Hellow!" After a few seconds' call, the call was received, with no one else but Patrick.

"Hellow! Abuu here I'm talking," He introduced himself.

"Yes THEIR SUGAR! Give me feedback," Patrick asked himself, realizing he had arrived! The severe poisoning that he inflicted on Abu must have worked.

Of course, it was nothing more than Abu's willingness to do the job. A job that does not care about humanity or humor, that will force him to fly in all directions even though he has no wings, that does not care about personality or anything, which will make him not sick but he has swallowed medicine.
"Well, very well! Please give me ten minutes Then I'll call you!". Patrick spoke in a voice full of joy and enthusiasm, then the phone rang.

Quickly, Patrick at the same time, called Harrison. He gave her all the information about their plan. The calculations, evaluations, consultations and conclusions all took place between them.

As for Abu, the rays of regret hit far into his heart, wrestling with the intense gloom of hope he sees as he begins this new work, in front of him.
Seconds passed, ten minutes became a quarter of an hour. He began to worry, every time he looked at his phone, looked at it again and lowered it down. Punde! He was shocked by the vibration of the phone he had just picked up, it was Patrick.

"Now Abuu, Get ready! Tomorrow morning we'll make arrangements, you're going to the Philippines!"

Heartache struck him, he did not understand what Patrick was saying, he felt he did not hear him well…

"You say ?," Abu asked, as he clicked on his phone - the part where it said "loudspeaker" to hear better.

"Prepare yourself, Tomorrow you will travel to the Philippines," Patrick repeated without hesitation.

"Philippines! Why has it been so sudden? And we did not agree on this issue," Abu spoke in a low voice, not too high or low, but loaded with the force of aggression.

"Abuu, we'll talk the same thing tomorrow," Patrick tried to calm him down.

"No! Let's not do that to each other leader. If it's a matter of transport,

"Why are you afraid of Abu? We will put a contract between us. The agreement will show that we have sent you to study, this will protect your safety," Patrick explained at least to calm him down.

Yes! This brief statement calmed Abu's "gratitude-gains", and he calmed down, overwhelmed with hope. However, he remembered the matter; Her mother, her eyeball, the pearl of her life - who will she stay with? Who will look after him and serve him?

"But Patrick! Don't you remember I told you I have a mother who is sick ?," Abu asked again, this time it was in a low, cool and polite voice.

"I remember! And everything is fine. We will take care of your mother and take care of her for the whole period. Until you return!"
That's Patrick, Harrison likes to call him "Patty MASTER PLAN",

Patrick was the first person to advise Harrison to enter the illegal gambling industry, advising him to stop mining business and instead invest in this scam.
The immediate and great benefit he began to receive from Harrison, made him trust Patrick, for whatever it was. It turned out to be like a blood brother, a man and his brother.

The morning came, the procedure was done, it was finally completed. Ready for Abu's journey from Tanzania to the Philippines.
There he was to live for about a year, undergoing renovations. Yes, repairs !. He’s going to rebuild everything, coming back is just a job.

It took him about ten hours and several minutes to reach Manila, Philippines. There he took another flight to Palamacan Island. Contrary to his approval, he will be heading to Ateneo de Manila University, located in Manila.

It is about an hour from the island. An attractive island of its kind, with a circle of white sand on all sides. With a large luxury hotel, the Amanpulo resort - boasting of its popularity. And there Abu was stationed in the camp.
It is believed, costing about $ 1220, a one-night stay inside this hotel.
By the time Abu arrived, it was already night, he had to eat and sleep, the journey was exhausting.

In the morning with the papers, a special program began. She received a visitor from Nigeria, bringing her six, best-selling books - "Women's Psychology".
That's what the schedule said; For the first three months, he had to study women, get to know women. He had to know; What they like, what they don't like, how happy they are, how sad they are. In short, she learned and understood women, more than women themselves.
Three months later, he finished all the pages of the books.

Another three months followed.
During these months, he had to learn to be a man and not a boy. He sought out a specialist.
He taught him all; how men talk, how they walk, how they dress, how they eat, how they laugh, how they cry, i.e. everything !. He became a real man.

Three more months followed,
This was the months of pilgrimage. Aren't you pretending to know how to seduce? Let go of you! You know nothing I tell you. There are people who specialize. And yes Abu was sought for one of them.
He taught him all the techniques, of all kinds. How do you get married? On the beach, at home, in hotels, in libraries, and even in houses of worship. He was trained to lead a teacher, a doctor, a politician, a student and even a man's wife. All that was taught to Abu, he was taught.

The last three months, in order to complete one year, were a sexual exercise. Yeah! He learned how to deal with it!
Women are different, so even the way you deal with them varies. She was brought in by a female trainer. http://deusdeditmahunda.blogspot.com/
The class started, continued, slowed down and finally the experiments were done; The trainer and the student, both made decisions, The bed made it absurd.
No one to blame, Abu did not really understand the subject, the teacher did not really understand the reader.

… .. The
time for Abu to return to the country came. He prepared, and the journey began to return home, to Tanzania.

Arrived at the hotel, the same night there was a three-person session; Harrison, Patrick and Abu. If you see them, you might say - Abu is with his two employees. In a way he was charming and attractive. It's his right! Aren't you already trained to be a man? Yes, let him please the master.

"Enhee THEIR SUGAR, tell me where you want to live in this country ?," Patrick asked, holding a pen and a notebook in front of him. Ready to write important things.

Abuu gave a weak masculine smile, then spoke politely and sarcastically;
"First of all, the name of THEIR SUGAR should be erased. So far I have the passwords for all the girls, no one will seduce me and refuse. So call me, Mr. Password !,"

"Hahaha! That name is in English, is it in Swahili?" Harrison laughed Then asked a mythical question.

Being a good Swahili teacher, he knows it well, Abu replied briefly;

All together they laughed, knocked on their drinks glass, and another conversation ensued.
With Harrison and Patrick's faces filled with hope.
However, if they had known the well they had dug, they would have plunged into it.
As the agreement was; When he returns to the country, it is just a job. The huge investments that Patrick and Harrison made were needed to make a profit. Again not just the benefits, the biggest benefits.

Inside the rented hotel, waiting for the order of the house promised to be completed; He lay on his back on the bed, not wearing a T-shirt or a shirt; I mean "open chest".
Her memories and thoughts were only in sex with women.

This abuu is not the one who left the country a year ago. Not the Abu who was called by the girls to reject them, not at all!
This is the new Abu, this is Abu "ZEE LA NYWILA".
You never know what to love !.
No matter how good a girl he is, he will cheat on her, play with her, and then lose her.

So far, just two weeks since she reported to the country after leaving the Philippines, she has passed away with "ten little girls". Don't ask me how he managed to meet them, how he managed to seduce them, how he managed to seduce them until he "came to me", so don't ask me! You just understand; this is ZEE LA NYWILA.

With all that number of girls, the work has not yet begun; We can say - He was just warming his stomach. Today is the day to start his activities.
And here, he was lying in wait for the message that Patrick had promised him. In connection with his first "mission".

Well, within minutes, a message was sent to her computer. Though you shocked him, he did not depend on it at all, but it would have been his job - responsibility had weighed him down.

Before it was too late, for on the same day, Abu had to travel to South Africa. There is only the son of a great leader, who is on vacation. He is 24 years old, studying at the University of Rwanda.
In terms of citizenship, this girl has mixed nations. His mother is Burundian (Rwandan citizen) and his father is Tanzanian.
He speaks only one language! English.
His "vacuum" picture was needed, and the reward for this work - It was 25 million for Abu.
Travel arrangements and everything was done, Using "AIR NAMIBIA", Abuu spent three hours and twenty-five minutes, arriving in Johannesburg - South Africa.
There he had to board another plane, at which time it was eight-thirty in the afternoon.
By the time he arrives in Port Elizabeth, it is already about eleven o'clock.

Not wanting to bleed, she immediately arrived at the hotel convinced the girl had booked a room.
Not elsewhere! It's a clean, quiet place with a gentle sea breeze, this is SINGA LODGE. With a four-star rating, take just two minutes by car, to reach the HOBIE BEACH. It's really interesting.
And this is what Abu loves.


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